New Year's Eve

Every year past Decembers
Cold and windy months
I created moment by moment

revelries for others

While all the while
As the euphoria of countdown settles
I was dreaming to be
with loved ones

This year I do not want the fanfare
I long for the quiet moment
Of deep content and giddy happiness

bubbling inside


For the magpie tales

Happy New Year, friends and fellow travelers of the blogosphere !
I shall no longer be like the candle in the wind, creating glamour and radiance for others but not for those closest to my heart.


To the desert man
Nothing is more incomprehensible
Than the fear of drowning

In a vast ocean of water

He would rather stay grounded
On the shore
And retain his sanity

Than flee to safety.


Tribute to Frank Herbert's Dune
Courtesy of Magpie Tales

Copyright © 2011 ninotaziz. All rights reserved.

A burst of sunlight


Drudgery weighs you down
Nothing seems to be right

Coupled with trudgery
Life, a vicious cycle

A series of misfortune

Chin up and look around
Look for the light

At the end of the tunnel
Around the bend

A burst of sunshine awaits you.


Inspired by the magpie tales no 94

The Waning Days of Fall

Leaves sway and fall

gently to the earth

And the wind whispers,

Come away with me.


written for the Thursday Think Tank


Sekar Budaya Nusantara

In the mirror, I hide from all eyes except my own. Only I can set me free. Free to embrace my past, my inheritance, my legacy. I am Srikandi.

Summer has no hold
over my restless heart
I seek the dance

The world has passed me by. It chases images, I chase dreams and the two are never the same. Sometimes I forget and I drown in limpid pictures.
I am Mutiara Hati.

The hikayat
calls me to return
to my art

Sacrifices must be made. Time. Place. Demands that must be phased. All shall mean nothing if I do not listen. To my heart. I am Suara Hati.

The pantun sings
But no one listens
Except the waves

The legends must be told. The audience must be awakened. For as they sleep and eat and play, their legacy fades away. I am Penglipur Lara.

The gamelan whispers
Upon brass instruments
The musicians long gone

Long gone...

Listen...listen to the words carried by the gentle sea breeze to your doors. I am here, let me in. I am your Srikandi.


Poets charm and tantalise
At the Cyber Ball of the year
We meet and socialise
And live the life of a dreamer...

My escorts for the evening:

Misha, the extraordinaire

And the sublime

Alan Rickman

Sigh...Aren't they simply divine?

Join us at the Willow Ball 2011.

The Charms of the Day

Drunk - on cherry blossoms
Swaying in the wind
Hearts on sleeves, flutter


For Haiku Heights

The Fury of the World

It came upon us
In the bluest of nights
Darkness cloaked it well

Deep within

In the light of day
A grey change settled deep
Into our hearths and hearts

Still unseen

In time, a storm gathered
Of purple hatred and gorged fury
A torrent slashing forth

At the seams

The blackened skies asunder
Shrieks of pure terror
Invisible, invincible

One with the wind

She, stepped forward
Illuminous, in the face of fury
Drank in the torrential pain

Victorious, it seemed

Golden peace returned
And yet our saviour
Disappeared forever

Bearing our burdens, unwanted trophies
Riding the invisible winds


This was inspired by the MagpieTales and Arian Tejano
of A Noiseless Patient Spider

The Charmer

Summer nights

He comes silently

And offers Manderley...


Written for the Magpie Tales


I sit at the window
A little tired
Life passes me by

A sigh escapes

I look at my hands
Suddenly smaller
I look up, what do I see

My childhood friends
Playing in the sun
Rounders, I believe

A bat in hand

The ball soars high
The sun blinds me
I look away, what do I see

Three girls, dressed in gowns
Getting ready for the ball
Coquettish, eyes brilliant

A corsage at my wrist

Lights of a different place
Music much too loud
I ran away, what did I find

The sun once more
A shy young man on the beach
Strong and kind

A ring on my finger

The cry in the night
A new born babe
I looked down, what did I see

A perfect angel
In my arms
I never looked out

A window again

Instead turned to the one
In my heart
And I soared

To the blue skies


He, who is free
The wind sings him lullabies
Dirt roads - his highway


Softest whispers
Against beating summer wings
Stronger and stronger
For Haiku Heights

Sherry's Summer Evening

The blues and violets of Sherry's sky
are tinted with the magic of pain
love and sacrifice

A dream too strong to resist

The golden hued clouds race
far beyond the horizon
to kiss the sundrenched waves

Whales come a calling in the mist

Are there rainbows, Sherry
in your spiritual land, where your heart
returns again and again

I can see you home in the midst

Of laughing 'refugees from the 60s'
dancing seas and shimmering skies
sunsets that call upon your dreams

In life, you have touched your ultimate wish

How many of us can say this?


For my friend, Sherry Blue Sky

Burden upon young shoulders

Centuries come and go

Each with its economic crisis

That's what they call it

But how can we face our family

And say we do not have anymore

Left to eat

Nor place to live?


Written for the magpietales

I am just feeling melancholy today. Didn't mean to drag anyone down...


Green grass tall

Heightened sense of joy

You and me - Oh, boy!


Friendship, formed in spring

Holds true to last til winter

Tried and tested


A dime a dozen

Fair weathered acquaintances

Childhood friends - priceless


Written for Haiku Heights

To market, to market

After the morning paper
I went to market today
Nothing wrong with the weather
Everything's swell I'd say

Yet, with unseen weight on my back
I bought three sacks of rice
Instead of one ten kg sack
Carefully checked the price

Four huge bottles of cooking oil
To last me three months at least
Butter in aluminiam foil
And cheese, flour and yeast

Cans and cans of sardines
Piled high in my pantry
Not to forget baked beans
And tonnes of dried chillies

For the paper's business pages
All carried the story
Cried out the obvious
God help our economy...


Written for the Thursday Think Tank
Copyright 2011 @ ninotaziz

Don Quixote

Gusty summer winds
Charge at noon
I am swept away!


For Magpietales


When I was an old woman turning older, I met you and the clock turned back for me. It was surreal but like the sun interrupting a cloudy day, you burst upon my loneliness. And I embraced myself like never before. Ever.

Sundancer, we tiptoed
Then threw caution
To the summer winds - Aha!

I was lost in an avalanche of emotions. And the wonder of your love and patience reigned over me.

Like autumn leaves
Your words and deeds
Healed me into acceptance

So now I know love. Real love. The kind that has deepened with time. Sparked by passion. Survived battles. Strengthened by forgiveness. Sailed into the night.

I drown in you
Winter is no longer cold
The fire burns bright

And I am no longer afraid. For I have known what it is like to be truly loved. No one can take that away from me. The greatest tragedy would be to forget.

But in this light
Of springtime dizziness
Love is in the air

And I smile the secret smile of Mona Lisa.

The Night Unmasked

The night is never
dark and unending
always a new beginning

awaits at dawn
the horizon approaching
a razor blade silver

endless sky
that flirts with the sea
burst into crescendo


The night
a woman, pregnant
with anticipation

shades of emotions
serene, passion

at end of day
reborn at dawn


The night
a celebration
throughout the world

against the sky

or simple
huddled togetherness


written for
magpietales, poetsunited
oneshotwednesday ends


Breathless, cold wintry
weather - or the dazzling smile

Written for Haiku Heights

Vincent's canvas

The sun ablazing
Unreal, but the heat
Arising from the earth


The bluest night
Of the cafe
Lingers til dawn


Rolling stars
Upon the midnight
Blanket, the skies


The cypress trees
And crescent moon
Sick and tortured


Irises dancing
In the wind
Lightness of being


Wound wrapped up
Pain, borne of rejection
Consumed by his art

The artist, forlorn

Le soleil brille,
Et la chaleur
montant de la terre



Written for the Magpie Tales

Sailing to Glendorra

Hold my hand, Eva
And never let me go
Whisper in my ear, forever
How you love me so...

But the boats to Glendorra
Are sailing tonight my dear
Listen how the wind calls
Listen to my unspoken fears

Your wings, barely mortal
Your heartbeat next to mine
Charts our lonely existance
As your days measure my lifetime

I long to sail with you, I must
To the land of elven lore
But my hands would turn to dust
While yours, smooth forever more

And yet I would choose my path
Live a life on the journey
Gaze at stars, twinkling above
As the world listens to me

Singing on the boat to Glendorra...

Pour Glendorra

Je choisirais mon chemin
Vivre une vie sur le trajet
Aimez étoiles, un clin-dessus
Alors que le monde m'écoute

Chanter sur le bateau pour Glendorra

Mencari Glendorra

Ku belayar tinggi di awan
Pelayaran hidupku tersendiri
Ditemani bintang berkelipan
Dengarlah rintihanku ini

Berlayar mencari Glendorra


Written for the Magpie Tales and OneShotPoetry

Anak Raja Gondang

Once upon a time
On an island in the sun
A king, strong and kind
Awaited the birth of his son

His joy, unbridled

His happiness turned to fury
When not a babe was born
But a giant shell it appeared to be
From the queen's womb torn

Weakened and tormented

The queen was banished
None dared whisper her name
She in despair journeyed
Far to hide her shame

Her fall from grace

One day, out of the shell
A prince so handsome
Stood up strong and well
To bid his mother welcome

When she returned from toil

Mother, he said gently
I am your true son
The Conch Shell Prince
Here to right all wrong

She cried tears of happiness

And the prince walked away
After promising to return
His mother looked out everyday
Far out to the horizon

For his boyish smile...

Anak Raja Gondang

Di suatu zaman dahulu
Segak berdiri Duli Tuanku
Putera yang ditunggu
Bakal lahir menanti waktu

Alangkah hiba dan malu
Seluruh istana rawan dan pilu
Permaisuri diam dan kelu
Melahirkan gondang yang satu

Raja murka yang teramat
Permaisuri di halau di laknat
Terseksa jiwa terasa berat
Lemah nyawa hilang semangat

Gondang dibawa lari
Kehidupan baru dicari
Sehingga masa berlalu pergi
Istana tiada diingat lagi

Satu hari, terbelah gondang
Timbul putera terbilang
Menghibur hati ibu tersayang
Hingga tiba waktu balasan

Tinggallah ibu sementara waktu
Putera ingin mengadap Tuanku
Membela nasib derita ibu
Tiada gunanya hidup begitu

Saban hari ibu menunggu
Pulangnya putera yang satu
Di cari warta di awan biru
Di lautan dalam, di tasik bayu

Anak Raja Gondang...


Written for the Magpie Tales

Two thieves and a Wrought Iron Table

They took away
My treasured table
But that is all

For the memories
Of garden tea parties
And quiet soiree

Shall be forever mine
As such, this rude intrusion
Is trivial and remain

A reminder for vigilance


The full story

The Garden

After toil of the sweetest kind
I wish to rest my burnt out mind
And draw refuge for a while
From the simpler things in life

The white speckled orchids' scent
And all kinds of jasmines in my garden
Kasidang in the corner heaven sent
This is my private haven

Gamelan on you-tube beguiling
My scented bath - reviving
This is my slow awakening
Here, my passion for life igniting

The secrets of my garden beckon
My very own apothecary
The call of the ancient YlangYlang
A night cap of Earl Grey and Cadbury

I drown in the dreams of the pomegranate
Spice induced languid embrace
Night falls yet morning awaits
Here comes the rain for another day

And I sleep...oh how I sleep...

Upon the waves

Upon the waves of loneliness
I call to my wings of rapture
Let my music dance afire

Find my lover's innermost desires

Upon the waves of the great divide
I call to my wings of peace
Let my words of humanity

Find my lost kin across the sea

Upon the waves of motherhood
I call to my wings of nature
Let my soothing lullaby

Find my baby in sweet slumber

Upon the waves of emptiness
I call to my wings of faith
And let my caressing voice

Find calm in a world of chaos

For I am merely
The enchantress of magical words

Come to do your bidding...

Sur les ondes

Sur les ondes de la solitude
Je donne la parole à mes ailes de l'extase
Que ma musique de danse feu

Et trouver le cœur de mon amour

Trouver le calme dans un monde de chaos

Pour tu...pour tu seulement


Written for Writers' Island

The books of our lives

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."
Henry David Thoreau

From books of religions
Society came to be
But not before much debate and bloodshed
Bonfires razed to the ground
The holy words
That teach us the art of living?
Or dying.

A house full of mirrors

A house full of mirrors
That reflect our lives
Give the illusion of space

And freedom of thought
As I gaze beyond
A blank and empty wall

Which fail to limit me
Doubled my pleasure
Of looking at you

And my favourite things
In life - plants in pots
And books on shelves

Ikesha dancing
A window to the other side
Limitless possibilities

The land of shadows and dreams

The legacy of seeds

ninotaziz wrote:

Pomegranates lie in wait
From the precarious moment
Its seed germinates
Such is life’s momentum

From birth to blossoms
Bearing fruits in service
Until the earth welcomes
Newly scattered seeds

Seeds of awareness.


Pakcik's response:

Hamba berdoa
Hamba memohon
Harapnya berbunga
Sebatang pohon

[I pray for the blooms]

Biarpun tak berbau
Tak berwarna bunganya
Yang hamba rayu
Buahnya berguna

[Regardless of scent and beauty, I hope they become fruits]

Harimau dan Manusia
Belang dan nama
Apalah guna

[What is the use of the stripes of the tiger....and the fame of the man]

Kepada Mu Tuhan ku
Aku memohon
Dosa nya dosa ku
Semoga diampun

[To you God...I seek forgiveness for our wrong doings]


I am blessed to have met quite a few distinguished people in their golden years
who have cared to share their life experience. Some through cyberspace like Sherry and Al-Manar(Pakcik),
some like Mak Ungku and Puan Sri Nik Daud, all whose life stories are
so rich in experience and lessons to be learnt,if only we listen...and listen carefully.

Recently Pakcik lost a good friend and his posting inspired the above poem,
which in turn inspired his own pantun.

I have inserted some English interpretation for ease of understanding.

The perfect one

Breakfast in bed
On perfect china
I was pampered

Like a porcelain doll


For magpietales

To the Stafford Rays of the world

in our world
these are dark times
yet we are not alone

in this quest for the green light
to empower ourselves
and save this blue earth

from the corporate suits
to the businessmen cartels
we are one

in our resolve
to break free
from the prison

of decadence and capital pursuit


For One Shoot Poetry Sunday

The first time I met Van Gogh

The first time
Van Gogh and I met
I was starry eyed

Aflamed by his starry night

I danced in his field
Of irises, and never
Knew such hues

A joyous sway of blue

And when I walked
into his cafe nuit
Laughters, secret whispers

Upon a brilliant canvas

A burst of yellow
Captured sunrays
That never fades

The artist creates

A perpetual point of reflection

For Thursday Think Thank over at Poet's United
Thank you dear Carrie for a lovely prompt

I was first introduced to Van Gogh by my English teacher
Mrs Khaw Choon Ean 25 years ago.

Red Alert On Red

it was a tiltilating evening
for the young debutante
the chinoiserie surroundings
lulled her guarded senses

and she ended up chained in a strange room

beware our daughters : for magpie tales
I wish human trafficking did not exist

Random Headlines?

The Attorney General said
It was legal for women to wear trousers anywhere
on this day in history

India gained independence
While Roswell gained fame
And 'A Streetcar Named Desire'
opened on Broadway

US combat troops arrived in Vietnam
Malcolm X was shot to death at a Harlem rally
But not all was glum
For My Fair Lady won the Oscars
And The Sound of Music premiered

Live Aid glued people together
Out Of Africa won best movie
And I was hooked on A-HA
Phil Collins, Madonna and WHAM
And we all believed
We Are The World

Strange year it was
When the FCC gave a morning session
To The Wireless Access To The Internet
In The Commission Room
At 9.00am

And Y2K was the buzzword

Yet frozen in time for me
I am almost embarrassed to admit

Diana's wedding, and on the day she died
I was thinking what it would be like
If it was MJ

For Thursday Think Tank
which is making headlines

In The Rain

skin upon skin
the rain cloaks
our oblivion

heightened senses
the rain mirrors
our abandon

exquisite relief
the rain welcomes
our release

gentle return
the rain envelopes
our breath

inner vision
the rain, a velvet sky
and i see stars


for more rain stories, seek out the magpie tales


A bewitching smile
Centuries old
Mysteries untold

Legends unfold


For Magpie Tales


My secret saviour
I was smitten

And surprised
Serendipity found me
To stay

For Thursday Think Tank


Japan was alien to me
Until I met Yumiko
And while the sea
and years separate us

I never let her go

She told me once, Ninot
How beautiful your city is
Smiles so genuine
Overshine that of Paris

The lights of Champs Elysees

I took her to our streets
In my little rackety car
She had durian, then KFC
While we watched Cyrano de Bergerac

Oh we were young!

And when the earthquake
Turned tsunami turned nuke
I called Yumiko anxiously
To offer sanctuary

If she needed to flee to safety

And yet when she answered the phone
As cheery as can be
She will take care of herself, she said
And told me not to worry

I cry for Yumiko

For her strength, for her smile, for her beauty


For Poets United Thursday Think Tank.

I first met Yumiko in 1991. She is now married to Katsu-chan.
I pray for their safety and I wish the people of Japan
some of the things we all take for granted

h o p e a g o o d n i g h t s l e e p p e a c e

Poets United Anthology


Congratulations Robert and thank you for such a wonderful anthology.

You continue to inspire us with your dedication.


Friends, I am lucky that my work is included in this anthology. Check out page 12.


my favorite ghost
for three decades
my innermost thoughts
she sometimes invade

she came from the wild
and tempestuous lands
i borrowed her from
bronte's sure hand

tortured soul she was
and tragically romantic
fell in love with force
with revengeful heathcliff

let me in...let me in...

I haven't written a decent poem in weeks, consumed by my book of legends.
This poem is written for the Thursday Think Tank

I smell of white paint

I was deep in Jataka tales
And Tibetan folklore
Wondered at the Mongolian Badarcin
I couldn't take it anymore

And so I painted my kitchen doors!


Sorry friends. I just have to finish this book of Asian legends!
Everything else is put on hold...

The unvalentine man

My husband

Does not believe in Valentines
Nor does he celebrate birthdays
And our anniversaries come and go

Yet, I am happiest with him

He does not read me poetry
Nor do we dance the salsa
And hold hands on the street

Yet, he is my soul-mate

Because he buys me perfume
For no reason at all
Seeks my no longer slim waist
In deep sleep enthralled

He calls me from work
To get sexy and ready
He says the garden is perfect
When I planted my frangipani

We cycle on the weekends
With the girls in tow
We dance in silence
To the music of life, so

My husband

Who does not believe in Valentines
Makes me so deliriously happy
He is all mine...

He is my daily dose of Valentine


Written for Poets United Poetry Pantry this week
Hosted by Robert Lloyd



I must have taken the wrong turning somewhere.

Written for Microfiction Mondays
hosted by Susan at Stony River

The Shadow of the Tree

The tree
Stands alone
In wisdom

To havocs of time

At times
Ravaged by hands
of fate

Its shadow
Falls upon the
Unaffected earth

And yet
In the desert
Gives comfort

The tree
Stands alone
In this wisdom

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.

Written for the Thursday Think Tank

The House

The house on Bank Street
Frowned at me
There are no secrets
In its rooms, so empty

Its smokeless chimney
and cold basement
Invites a memory
Of long gone occupants

The long and cold winter
and longer unemployment
Goodbye, do not be bitter
Do not blame the government

Ahhh..when will despair end?


Written for the Magpie Tales
Happy Anniversary!

(Honestly, I do not know where this poem came from!)

Beguile in Blue

Painting by Andrew Atroshenko

Her eyes took me in
A roomful of books
And I looked for Kafka

Her hands took mine
In grasp so tender
And taught me braille

Her lips whispered low
In my ear
Forget Shakespeare

For today - embrace Maugham

Written for TheWriters' Island


Dali's painting

the bed, that is not my chambers
lies in wait
the room, that is not my sanctuary
stands still in time
the window, that does not look out
blocks out the view
the light, from the moon above
hovers within
the chequered floor, in the imaginary room
my only reality

the man, who is not my lover
where is he

Written for The Writer's Island

Love Force

Love Force #5 by Jonas Gerard

Buds awaken
Every fibre of being
Love force

Rain, hail and shine

Written for One Stop Poetry
Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

From Plato to Rousseau

More than two thousand years ago, Plato studied from Socrates and believed in beauty, good and justice. But the crumbling Greek society disillusioned his idea of democracy. He replaced this ideal with the 'state', a living nation that rewarded hardworking citizens whose collective goal was to enhance its stateliness
beautiful architecture beautiful people beautiful minds

Plato lost faith
In ideals and sought -
to restore order

The Republic was born out of the belief that the state was above all. Aristotle continued this quest, unrealistic dream for the perfect state for mankind. The beautiful minds began the search for logic and science, dimensions and proportions and transfered this logical thought process to politics. To him, only the state can ensure the good life. The alternative would be chaos - therefore the state must be preserved

Politics took shape
Under Aristotle's rigid

It took two thousand years to destroy the innocent view of the perfect world on earth when Machiavelli arrived with his book, The Prince, he who believed that political power was above all. By now, a unified nation must be achieved at all cost. And hail to the new Italian hero Cesare Borgia (who was not even Italian) - for which a little bit of brute force and deceit did not taint his pristine reputation - to which a citizen militia was all loyal

Cruelty, lies, bigotry
All ends justified
In the name of the state

Power politics was here to stay, borne of the overiding desire to unite the most fragmented of countries. Across the borders, centuries later, Voltaire urged man to move forward and leave the era of injustice. He warned, "Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices."

Son esprit caustique
Et plume cynique
Rejeté les reliques du moyen âge

His caustic mind
And cynical pen recoiled
From the barbaric relics
of the Middle Ages

"Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains," reasoned Rousseau who with stirring words, turned men's thoughts from food and sex to bloody revolutions. For Rousseau believed in the individual, his rights to his person and reminded the free
we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost.

To be continued...

(Tolstoy, Gandhi, Geldof)

Written on a lazy Sunday before I start painting my staircase. Hopefully, it can help clarify some thoughts over at The Writers' Island. However, please note about one hundred years before Plato, Confucious emphasized personal and governmental morality, the correct social relationships, justice and sincerity. And his thoughts are as relevant today as then.

The three witches

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

This little piggy will become king,
And this little piggy shall beget a line of kings.
This little piggy shall fall by one not born
Of a woman's womb!

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

Written for the Magpie Tales - a wicked place to be
Dedicated to the Bard's Macbeth

I am The Spider Queen

I am the Spider Queen
High up in the tower
Night after night I spin
Tales of legends and lovers

Mythical adventures

My web spins around the world
Across forgotten times
When all moved forward
Somehow, I was left behind

Cloaked by books

I love the dragons of Romania
The epic of Ramayana
The White Snake Lady of China
Whether it is a Celtic tale
Or that of Mayang Sari
I take you far away
To lands of marvelry

Land of make belief?

Spin, spin day and night
Just like Shaherazad
Fantasy takes flight
Lost within fiction and fact

I am the storyteller.

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for the One Shot Wednesday - an adventurous place
All linked folklore stories retold by ninotaziz

In the beginning

Izanagi held his halberd
Oh! His winter lost
Izanami, his beloved

Killed Kagutsuchi
Whose birth was the cause
Without mercy!


Written for the Microfiction Mondays
Japanese mythology served as appetiser!


Craving for attention

To beautiful liars

The SheWolf comes around
La Tortura

Hips Don't Lie
For fans of Shakira
Why ? Because the word abandon
Brought her to mind

That place on the moon

Smoky Mountains by JVivienneC

On the moon
There are smoky mountains too
Though not as picturesque

I am sure

As our Blue Ridge range
Travelling the horizon for miles
Pink, violet and indigo

I am sure

The moon alone
Coverts its barren grey
Undulating landscape

I am sure

You and I appreciate
Our flora and fauna covered terra firma
To dwell upon nature's panorama

I am sure

We would never
Want our smoky mountains
Be barren like that range

On the moon

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for the
Poets United's Thursday Think Tank - an adventurous place
Inspired by the wonderful Random Deviations at


Listen to the rhythm
The song of the wild
The trees that rustle
The breeze that sighs

Listen to the waves
And the birds in the open
Flying higher as they brave
The vast and wide ocean

Listen to the silence
That keeps stars suspended
Up high in the heavens
Even as the song ended

Listen to the blood rush
Through veins so young
All the world hushed
Life was simpler once

Listen to the heartbeats
That march in tandem
Two lovers asleep
Together in abandon

Listen to the symphony of life

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for the
magpie tales - a musical place to be


Do not struggle so, my love
It will only take a while
Then we will fly to the stars
You and I

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for
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Watch the Skies

Photo by Diyana KamaruzA

If the moon can smile
With the stars across the sky
So can I, so can I...

Written for the Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt: Observation
For more smiley faces in the sky from all over the world, check here.

The Curse

Once upon an old story
A hermit fell in love
With a vision of beauty

He fashioned her lovingly
The fragrant Cendana bark
Transformed into his lady

Happy was his hearth
With child, a precious girl
Of charming cleverness

Until Cendana betrayed him
For one who radiated strength
Like the sun above, on a whim

The hermit turned his back
On love and all worldliness
Cursed his wife - oh! so sad

Back to her original karma
Good and evil trapped within
The fragrant Cendana

Unlike her scent - never to escape.

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.
Written for the Magpie Tales - a mythical place to be
Today's offering is based on the Wayang Kulit story, Maharisi Burung Jerijit
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