The House

The house on Bank Street
Frowned at me
There are no secrets
In its rooms, so empty

Its smokeless chimney
and cold basement
Invites a memory
Of long gone occupants

The long and cold winter
and longer unemployment
Goodbye, do not be bitter
Do not blame the government

Ahhh..when will despair end?


Written for the Magpie Tales
Happy Anniversary!

(Honestly, I do not know where this poem came from!)


  1. nice rhyming...i like it...the house with feelings affected by the state of the economy...i like it conceptually...nicely done

  2. A chill of really brought it forth..well done!

  3. I love this line - "There are no secrets/In its rooms, so empty."

    Beautiful poem.

  4. Powerful and definitely a poem for these times. Well done!

  5. The line about unemployment says it all for many these days. Excellent write!

  6. A shame. I can see it. There is an empty look to the house.

  7. A house is a home and should not be empty, very sad times we live in.

  8. So many homes are being foreclosed on here in Ohio. It's so sad.

  9. A bleak winter's tale, indeed...

  10. painting a rather bleak winter of despair..Ninot?

  11. Dear Ayoh Wang and Aishah,
    I guess it is my thoughts for the world. For I know at the moment I have a lot to be very thankful for.

  12. The best time to start a business is when the ecomony is like this but then be prepared to work like a tiger is chasing you. Nice poem

  13. :-(

    An empty house always makes me wonder who lived there, and why they left. I wonder whose room was which and whether they were happy there.

  14. very effective. if brian didn't mention the technique, i would have left thinking all this came to me fluid enough. tight but subtle imperatives, my friend.

  15. Ah yes... a tough one for those tough times, Nino!!

    Subtle and intense, both at the same time... very nicely written!

  16. The question you pose at the end of your
    Magpie ~~ packs a punch. Nice interpretation of Tess' photo.

  17. I'm glad it's not your despair that you evoke so vividly.


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