The White Bull

I bring the white bull

That cloaked Zeus
Bewitched Europa
Seduced Pasiphae
Mount of Shiva

Your pick, Oh King!

And the girl ?
Written for Susan's Microfiction Mondays - a fun place to be!

Thank you

Thank you for hope
That which turns the storm
Into silver lining

Thank you for belief
That keeps one anchored
In our journey

Thank you for faith
That allows one to pray
In the darkest hour

Thank you for peace
In which the new born babe
Grows strong and free

Thank you for love
That lifts one up high
Even when all alone

One is never lonely...

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for Thursday Think Tank over at Poets United and posted as well for Writer's Island prompt : Gratitude

The wings of Icarus

Painting by Herbert James Draper

Icarus oh Icarus!

Your father betrayed by King Minos
Was a crafty man indeed - a genius
But kings never favour those too clever
For fear of looking ridiculous

Daedalus built the Labyrinth
Which kept the Minotaur within
His mistake was to help princess
Ariadne and her beloved Theseus

Sworn enemy of her father, Minos

Yet mere walls and towers
Would not stop Daedalus
Wings of wax and feathers
He made for himself and Icarus

Do not fly too far, son
Do not tempt the sun
Do not fly to sea
And we will soon be free

Icarus soared through the sky
He flew beyond the clouds - so high
All the world a dazzling display
This was the most beautiful day

Alas ! It was his last
For the sun melted the wax
And Icarus fell upon his dream
Into the warm blue sea

But the legend and dream live on!

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for the Thursday Think Tank. I admit I have been thinking of Icarus a lot lately. For I am reaching for the sun, pushing the limits - for a dream I will not give up!

The Witching Hour

Darkness has settled down
Deep in the night
Skewed perceptions abound

Sleep comes upon us
But not for shamans
Witches, demons, ghouls

And yet in the city
Far into morning
Lights keep skies lit

Benign and diabolical
Creatures find alleys
Invisible to mortal muggles

The witching hour
Comes for you
Fans of Harry Potter!

Written for Magpie Tales to commemorate the latest movie of the Harry Potter series which just premiered this week!

The Icarus Quandary

All my life, I play hard, write poetry with passion, love deeply. And since I was a young child I wanted to be three things – a writer, a better writer, a best-selling writer

Words - a trailblazer
Going out on a limb
Flying high

For a while, I forgot my dream. In the quest for the ordinary life, I forgot my burning desire to write, the poet and writer buried deep within a place dreams did not visit, hopes did not sing

Lost, I fell
From paradise at the tip
Of a pen

Then sparkling moments, the birth of my firstborn, finding my muse - the love of my life, me – embracing life as never before, moment upon moment leading me to this point in time

The writer within
Grasp your destiny

In the blanket of the bluest of nights, despair engulfs me, I know within me lies a poet of fierce nationalistic pride. Yet my country lies sleeping, unaware of the beauty of our land, our history, our people, our legends, our forest and skies. Sees only glimmering towers, eco-tours and jungle treks without understanding the turtle’s song of regret upon the waves of the ocean or the story of Onangkiu of Kota Gelanggi.

Tears like
Pearls escaping from
The broken necklace

I press on… for in this quest, my children’s children will continue the dream of the pomegranate – a story within each translucent seed of awareness.

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for the Writer's Island prompt, Quandary and for One Shot Wednesday
I also submit this to JinglePoetry's Potluck and the MagpieTales this week because this poem deals with my strong emotional attachment to writing - a lifelong relationship.

Catch more reasons Why I write Poetry over at my main blog, ninotaziz !

The Messiah

Hit my stick

Insects swarm earth
Plants overpower us
The end of the world

Come to me
And you will be safe.


Written for Susan's Microfiction Mondays - a prophetic place to be

The Monkey King

The Monkey King, Hanuman
Once had his tail set on fire
Was he jester or the wise one
We will never be quite sure

He might have been a prankster
But never will you find one more loyal
Hanuman - ever mindful of his master
The lordly Rama, the one so royal

Sita Devi, his beauteous mistress
Had his undying devotion
And throughout all the ages
Revered her with utmost passion

From India to China, his fame travelled
Throughout the islands in between
The Monkey King renowned, revelled
Lived life to the fullest - inspiring!

So when you are down and out
And suddenly inspiration appears
Trust me, the monkey spirit is about
To help set you in good cheer...

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for the Magpie Tales - a mystical place to be

The pyramids, then and now

Ancient Egypt splendour
Three towering tombs
Old world wonder
Secrets of the Pharaoh's doom

Machu Picu of the Incas
Lost forgotten civilisation
Wisdom of thousand years
Secrets of our existance

The famed Hindu candis
Of Mataram, Prambanan
The passionate Javanese
Secrets of lost kingdoms

Modern structure, 20th century
Fragile upon Le Louvre
Pei's pyramid in glass and steel
Secrets for our future

Les Pyramides

Egypte ancienne splendeur
Trois tombes imposantes
La merveille du monde
Les secrets du pharaon

Et Le Sphinx monte la garde

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for Jingle Poetry and and One Shot Wednesday.


Built by rulers of ancient times
The Sailendra worshipped Buddha
Consummed their thoughts and lives

The great architect Gunadharma
Built the temple in his mind
Years before the first stone was laid

And the gentle King Samaratungga
laid the last Statue Buddha
In a guarded lotus shaped stupa

Before Mt Merapi rumbled afar...


Biking Climbing Diving
Eating steamboat quill eggs
Stolen French kiss
(away from the kids)

Gliding Hiking Ice-cream
Jumping rope Kite-flying
Loving me on Mondays
NO Pole dancing, my back aches
(So does my no longer slim waist)

Queuing (for Cabbage Patch
Dolls - in the eighties back then?)
Rock Climbing? I prefer ....
Salsa dancing in the garden
Tender walks under Ultra Violet stars

Wine Mixing, non-alcoholic please
X-treme Reality TV, not tonight!
You and only you, taking risk
(Mad) Zebra-crossing at midnight
Little adventures with my knight

Adventures until the end of the trail...
Written for Writer's Island - a great place to escape


The magic of the wand

The magic of the eyes

The magic of a child's mind

The magic of touch

The magic of words

The magic of apology

The magic of love

The magic of the universe

The magic of being

The magic of believing
The inner wand...

Written for and inspired by love for Poets United hosted by Robert Lloyd - the Man!

The Warrior

Magpie Tales # 39

The seasoned warrior
of the day keeps alert
But cobwebs distort
his short sighted vision

Awk! The warrior falls...

Written for Magpie Tales - which I miss tremendously.

My grandmother

My grandmother is no longer here
But her smile is in my heart
She is in a beautiful garden
A place of serenity - no more pain

And I am having tea from her teapot...

Ma grand-mère

Ma grand-mère n'est pas là
Mais son sourire est dans mon coeur
Je suis content - Elle est dans un jardin
Un lieu de calme et de pas plus de douleur

Et je faire le thé dans sa théière ...


An Ode To My Grandmother - a celebration of her life can be found here. As well as my quiet reflection in the garden.
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