The unvalentine man

My husband

Does not believe in Valentines
Nor does he celebrate birthdays
And our anniversaries come and go

Yet, I am happiest with him

He does not read me poetry
Nor do we dance the salsa
And hold hands on the street

Yet, he is my soul-mate

Because he buys me perfume
For no reason at all
Seeks my no longer slim waist
In deep sleep enthralled

He calls me from work
To get sexy and ready
He says the garden is perfect
When I planted my frangipani

We cycle on the weekends
With the girls in tow
We dance in silence
To the music of life, so

My husband

Who does not believe in Valentines
Makes me so deliriously happy
He is all mine...

He is my daily dose of Valentine


Written for Poets United Poetry Pantry this week
Hosted by Robert Lloyd


  1. This is beautiful Ninotaziz....a true love indeed...what a blessing! :-)

  2. Dear Carrie and Ayoh Wang,
    It took me a long time to love Rudi for the way he is. And I am glad he took the trouble to show me his point of view instead of giving in to my view of romantic expectations.

  3. Sigh. Now my daily quota of romance has been filled. It is heartwarming to know this kind of marriage exists! I know you will have a wonderful valentine's day - every day! Yay!

  4. Thank you Sherry. I thank God every day for Rudi. And my lovely family.

  5. Awww, so sweet. I can totally relate to this. Love is something different for everyone... I prefer the daily doses to aniversaries and Valentine's Day too. :)

    My Pantry Poems: A Letter to Saint Valentine and Be More Gay

  6. Yes .. I guess the trouble with some of us, men, is that we have to fulfill wife's expectation which are alien to our culture and the way we were brought up.
    You can see the rate of success men have in fulfilling those expectation...

  7. I am
    Like him
    But not quite
    Like him

    Just me

    1. Dear dear Pakcik,
      I just saw your lovely lovely rendition. We really must meet. Soon.


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