Happy Birthday Tess!

Happy Birthday Tess!

And thank you for inviting all of us.

A gift for our fabulous host!

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A Birthday Gift!

Hope you like it, Tess!

(I wanted to get the strawberry arnaud, but even in cyberspace, it was way too over the top!)


Come join us at the Willow Manor

la lune donne de la brillance
tout est baigné dans la poussière de fée
au Willow Bal ce soir

les mots de ninotaziz


The moon shines softly
and all is shimmering in fairy dust
At the Willow Ball tonight


I almost could not attend this year.

But a quick glimpse at the preparations, and I was hooked. It looks like so much fun. And Helen is already there!

So now I am in a frenzy trying to rent a fabulous gown and mask.

And who shall I ask at this last minute?


Black and simplicity
always work well together…


However, the Willow Manor is awashed in gold this year.
So here is my mask instead. Delicate enough for a fairy.

And his…


As for my gown, here is a traditional Malay Kebaya everyone…


I am almost ready. The music is playing…


After all the dates I considered, looks like I can't run away from this guy even in cyberspace.

I am hooked for life.


Malam sungguh syahdu
Tirai berlabuh bermandikan rembulan
Di bawah pohon beringin…


Image by Crilleb50

Contemplative about the past
Speculative about the future
I forgot to live in the present

by ninotaziz



It's lovely three times over - Dave King

Autumn is gentle 
And on its velvety carpet
You walked away into the night

Did I say thank you
For all the kind words you gave
Before I am forced to say adieu

Thank you Dave
For poetry til the end
Gentle, kind  and brave

Til the end.

Rest in peace.

At dawn tomorrow...

At dawn tomorrow, when the land is a blanket of white,
I’ll leave. I know, you're waiting for me to come to you.
I will walk the  deep forest and mountain's height.
I can no longer live, so far away from you.

                                               - Victor Hugo

Discovered at the point of despair
Brings all senses to a grinding halt
Time is frozen, we dance in that moment
Where the world we believe, ceases to exist
There shines a brilliant tunnel of light
It takes me to you, incredibly true
I have to merely, follow serendipity
Such discovery, I will drown in sensual delight
At dawn tomorrow, when the land is a blanket of white…

This heady romantic glow cannot last
Its energy is like a shooting star
Travelling the universe at lightning speed
It grows within like a torturous need
And yet, as it burns, it runs out of fuel 
The cold star travels its course forever
Ashes to ashes, before passion disappears 
Even for one as lovely as you, I know it is true
I’ll leave. I know, you're waiting for me to come to you

Alas, with each step that drags me away
It is only my heart that I leave behind
I thus wonder, how will I live through this pain
How do I get  the scent of you out of my mind
And as the last bright spark of light
Fades away and darkness falls through
I know now I will walk the rest of my days
Willing you to appear within my sight
I will walk the  deep forest and mountain's height.

Having tasted what was mine for an instant
The memory sears through eternity
Within the chaos of change, the only constant
As I breathe, think, live and dream
What do I do, what do I do
Where do I find solace for my lost love
my own arrogance, my self destruction
For in the end, i realize the bitter truth
I can no longer live, so far away from you.

Demain Dès l'Aube

Demain, dès l'aube, à l'heure où blanchit la campagne,
Je partirai. Vois-tu, je sais que tu m'attends.
J'irai par la forêt, j'irai par la montagne.
Je ne puis demeurer loin de toi plus longtemps.

- Victor Hugo


For Poets United
Writers are Lovers

The Sweet Days Die

the secret
this rough magic
the time of our time

imagine a place

chasing rumi
the name of the rose
a midsummer's night dream
the prophecies
of nostradamus

east of the sun
west of the moon



This is a LATE response to Samuel's prompt over at dVerse Bar
Book Spine Poetry

These are books from my bedroom shelves. I suppose if I pick books from the girls' Young Adult collection it would be an apocalypse poetry! 

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