fields of gold

gold specks in your eyes
reflect the autumn sunshine
the wheat in the fields

by ninotaziz


The moth

moth clamours for light
yet from the heat, she suffers

her heart soars high
while her wings flutter

and thus the moth  slowly dies 
in pursuit of happiness.



HIKAYAT - From The Ancient Malay Kingdoms was shortlisted for the Malaysian PNM-RTM Book Awards. Voting begins tomorrow and will close on 28th September 2013.

Here is a video on HIKAYAT with a wonderful introduction by Resensi host, Sayed Munawar.

I am thrilled and humbled that HIKAYAT was shortlisted for this nationwide award.
TOP 10 List so far: 1 Contengan Jalanan / Hlovate 2 I love you, stupid! / Melur Jelita 3 Hikayat : From The Ancient Malay Kingdoms / retold by ninotaziz 4 Cinta high class & cintaku kerana agamamu / Fatimah Syarha, Farhan Hadi 5 Cucur bawang & kopi 'o' / Hasrudi Jawawi 6 Hingga hujung waktu / Saidee Nor Azam 7 My precious Iris / Melur Jelita 8 Kembara sastera Nisah Haron : United Kingdom dan Dublin / Nisah Haron 9 Berjuta warna pelangi / Iris Ixora 10 Kuasa kata : dari lisan mengalir ke lautan aksara / sebuah memoir Mahaya Mohd. Yassin Title : Hikayat - From The Ancient Malay Kingdoms ISBN : 978-967-61-2540-8 Penulis - ninotaziz

Please do continue to vote and share daily
Thank you all for your support.


corn on the cob

autum hearth
fireside warmth
chit chat

heavenly bliss 

by ninotaziz
all rights reserved



river, running cold and chilled, liberates
stones, leaves and the flurrying clouds

Copyright © 2013 ninotaziz
all rights reserved



The grey skies chase spring
away, as trees bare their souls
superstition flies


copyright © 2013 ninotaziz
all rights reserved


I spread my gothic wings
fly to the winsome moon, and
look down to the mirror lake

Oh how majestic! I cry

I am doomed.

Copyright © 2013 ninotaziz
all rights reserved

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