To the Stafford Rays of the world

in our world
these are dark times
yet we are not alone

in this quest for the green light
to empower ourselves
and save this blue earth

from the corporate suits
to the businessmen cartels
we are one

in our resolve
to break free
from the prison

of decadence and capital pursuit


For One Shoot Poetry Sunday


  1. Well stated. Inspiring hope. Thanks for linking up. Love the stanza that reveals a green light in this blue earth. Extremely clever, bold in primary color, and clear.

  2. Ah.. to break free from prison of decadence..

  3. and save us from the politicians
    who take the money
    give the people's assets away
    and stay in power

    I love how you made Stafford a poem
    He certainly is green rays
    wonderful poem

  4. Absolutely perfect - love the green light and the blue earth.

  5. rock on...nice little social commentary blended in there...may we yet escape it...

  6. There is hope while there are poets like you and commets like this... and I would be less than honest if I did not say I am thrilled to have such an appropriate poem dedicated to me and my terrified colleagues!

  7. Yes, to break free from the corporate world and save out home....our green life blood...very nice...bkm

  8. You have put into words what so many of us would like to say and have difficulty doing so.
    The world is a difficult place to live in within the 'trappings' and still respect the earth we are a part of. Thank You!


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