The Rescue

the nightingale
from france met a charming fellow
from kent in england

they flew together on their migratory route to the sahara

and on a large boat
they spied in a gilded cage
an oriental 

nightingale bursting with color

she was so charming
her voice so pure, the sweetest
a gift to the king

they were in love, at once

no fear, my little bird
ma cherie! we will save you
cried the young turks

and they searched for the keys

but the cook saw them
caught them and locked them -
three nightingales now

for the king!


for Haiku Heights and Open Link Night over at dVerse

a little bit of tomfoolery as is required this week

sometime this week, Poets United posted The Owl and The Pussycat which inspired the poem above. then came haiku heights with the theme rescue. and today OLN demands fun and frolic
 but i do feel a bit awful, haiku for me, is for deep feelings, intense emotions
profound discoveries. i just couldn't help myself.

Have I forgotten

Have I forgotten
to write a poem
the really old fashioned
way when nuggets of inspiration
tugged at my ears
Have I forgotten
to shape a verse
out of whirling clouds
 of words, flitting about
like butterflies
Have I forgotten
to weave a magical story
spun by silver webs
of Ms. CraniaArachnidShrebbs
etc etc etc
Copyright 2013 by ninotaziz. all rights reserved
A poem written just for fun of it.

The unknown frontier

we seek a place where perfection of prose beckons. on white parched paper the ink flows freely. prettily. each and every sentence makes perfect sense, only to you. a thought takes you places high up, real low, over the bend and beyond

somewhere beyond
that layer of thought

we seek the inner plateau where the higher conscience beckons. on the road of life, thoughts flow freely. deeply. each and every idea makes perfect sense, only to you. profound discoveries take you places high up, real low, over the bend and beyond

somewhere around
the bend of the river
stream of consciousness

we seek a book where small stories beckon. on a parchment, legends flow freely. enchantment. each and every folkloric magi makes perfect sense, only to you. an adventure takes you places high up, real low, over the bend and beyond

captured in the moment
small stones

we seek refuge where religion beckons. on wings of faith,  hope flows freely. divinely. each and every revelation makes perfect sense, only to you. compassion takes you places high up, real low, over the bend and beyond

somewhere high up
mountains of hope

we seek enlightenment where poetry beckons. on each leaf, grey stone, pebbled road, words flow freely. uplifting. each and every poem makes perfect sense, only to you. a beautiful verse takes you places high up, real low, over the bend and beyond

somewhere deep
below oceans and gut feelings

copyright 2013 by ninotaziz. all rights reserved
for dVerse : creativity

Quand je suis avec vous (When I am with you)

à la brune

la lune dans mes mains
mots d'amour tombe en silence
c'est ce que je ressens

quand je suis avec vous

Nuit sera bientôt ici


questo è quello che sento quando sono con te

al crepuscolo
la luna nelle mie mani
parole d'amore

volano! Notte sarà presto qui...


Senja kembali

Purnama rindu
Kata kata kekasih
membelai ku

Tatkala bersama mu
Malam berlabuh di tirai


at dusk

the moon in my palms
wings give flight to words of love
I sigh and tremble

when I am with you

night will be here soon

by ninotaziz. all rights reserved


For Magpietales Haiku Heights and dVerse

A poem of longing and promise.

I dabble in French now and then since the 80s, and took Italian 101 in Canada. English, in a form I am no longer familiar with (Australian) was my first language (though Mum tells me our babysitter Mama Susanski spoke to me in Polish when I was a baby) and Malay is my mother tongue that I had to learn when I was six years old.

Haiku is great when experimenting with other languages for me.

Thank you Tess for the photo! Thank you Claudia! Thank you Fred!

Riding the Karousel

abcda ecdbe fdbcf gbcdg

what goes around shall
come around to you
haunt some, enrich some
the life you lead
reflects you well

what goes around will
by rule of thumb
come around to bid
farewell, makes sure you
recognize it still

what goes around
like a little weed
grows straight and true
you wonder, how come
it never stays down

like a karousel
what goes around will do
that to you, it never succumbs
the life you lead
encircles you well

abcda ecdbe fdbcf gbcdg

by ninotaziz. all rights reserved


For d'Verse : form for all
A Special thank you to Mr David James for introducing
the Karousel and Weave forms.

Writer's Block - the little death


By nature, writers are lonely people. Sitting at their desk, kitchen table, garden seat - now a computer beckons and we stare at inspiration til it turns yellow pin spots, words pour out yet to be faced with frustration

Sputtering death - 
Insipid words crawl listless
Black hole for writers

And here at dVerse, we are told to just write! You well know - it is the worst thing to tell a writer. Just write? What were you thinking of Jo?



Written for d'Verse and Haiku Heights

The Tree Branch

Against the sunlit sky
A tree branch reaches high
A sanctuary

For birds in midflight

Against the moonlight
A tree branch in sight 
A harbinger of shadows

A lonely owl perched

Against stormy weather
A tree branch offers shelter
Desperate last grasp

A lost soul held tight

Against elements
A tree branch is protection
Nooks and recesses

For all seeking creatures


Over at d'Verse, Victoria C Slotto shares a great article on how The Medium is the Message. We are encouraged to try our hand at descriptive writing, and a deeper layer within it. I am trying to do this, but I am not sure how far I have succeeded. Running against the d'Verse deadline, this was the best I could do.

The deeper meaning, perception within the poetry - that was the challenging bit.

Midnight Script

image by Daniel Murtagh

In the shadow of the crescent moon, the script of life unfolds for lovers alone.

midnights in summer
celebrate young love and thoughts
of you linger -

Alas, the crescent moon is transient, often lovers are too - and they act out the pre-destined poignant play of lovers doomed.


I started out tonight to create a haiku that fulfills both the haiku rules and Collom's lune structure. We'll see what happens... Well, here it is. I chose the haibun form. 

It was quite a challenge!

by ninotaziz. all rights reserved

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