The Charms of the Day

Drunk - on cherry blossoms
Swaying in the wind
Hearts on sleeves, flutter


For Haiku Heights

The Fury of the World

It came upon us
In the bluest of nights
Darkness cloaked it well

Deep within

In the light of day
A grey change settled deep
Into our hearths and hearts

Still unseen

In time, a storm gathered
Of purple hatred and gorged fury
A torrent slashing forth

At the seams

The blackened skies asunder
Shrieks of pure terror
Invisible, invincible

One with the wind

She, stepped forward
Illuminous, in the face of fury
Drank in the torrential pain

Victorious, it seemed

Golden peace returned
And yet our saviour
Disappeared forever

Bearing our burdens, unwanted trophies
Riding the invisible winds


This was inspired by the MagpieTales and Arian Tejano
of A Noiseless Patient Spider

The Charmer

Summer nights

He comes silently

And offers Manderley...


Written for the Magpie Tales


I sit at the window
A little tired
Life passes me by

A sigh escapes

I look at my hands
Suddenly smaller
I look up, what do I see

My childhood friends
Playing in the sun
Rounders, I believe

A bat in hand

The ball soars high
The sun blinds me
I look away, what do I see

Three girls, dressed in gowns
Getting ready for the ball
Coquettish, eyes brilliant

A corsage at my wrist

Lights of a different place
Music much too loud
I ran away, what did I find

The sun once more
A shy young man on the beach
Strong and kind

A ring on my finger

The cry in the night
A new born babe
I looked down, what did I see

A perfect angel
In my arms
I never looked out

A window again

Instead turned to the one
In my heart
And I soared

To the blue skies
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