I sit at the window
A little tired
Life passes me by

A sigh escapes

I look at my hands
Suddenly smaller
I look up, what do I see

My childhood friends
Playing in the sun
Rounders, I believe

A bat in hand

The ball soars high
The sun blinds me
I look away, what do I see

Three girls, dressed in gowns
Getting ready for the ball
Coquettish, eyes brilliant

A corsage at my wrist

Lights of a different place
Music much too loud
I ran away, what did I find

The sun once more
A shy young man on the beach
Strong and kind

A ring on my finger

The cry in the night
A new born babe
I looked down, what did I see

A perfect angel
In my arms
I never looked out

A window again

Instead turned to the one
In my heart
And I soared

To the blue skies


  1. Just dropping by to let you know that i visited your post :) what a wonderful scenery. it makes me smile

  2. Ninot Ma'am,
    It's somewhat a close reflection to one own's life culminating by looking inside where all the yearnings are fulfilled. Beautiful verse!


  3. I love the ending and the daydream qualities your gave us thorough out~ Yes, really beautiful!

  4. yes, beautiful and sweet poem... :)

  5. This brings a little tear to my eye. Beautiful, thank you Ninot.

  6. Dear Aishah, thank you for the greatest compliment for a writer.

    We all secretly wish to move people to tears...


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