The legacy of seeds

ninotaziz wrote:

Pomegranates lie in wait
From the precarious moment
Its seed germinates
Such is life’s momentum

From birth to blossoms
Bearing fruits in service
Until the earth welcomes
Newly scattered seeds

Seeds of awareness.


Pakcik's response:

Hamba berdoa
Hamba memohon
Harapnya berbunga
Sebatang pohon

[I pray for the blooms]

Biarpun tak berbau
Tak berwarna bunganya
Yang hamba rayu
Buahnya berguna

[Regardless of scent and beauty, I hope they become fruits]

Harimau dan Manusia
Belang dan nama
Apalah guna

[What is the use of the stripes of the tiger....and the fame of the man]

Kepada Mu Tuhan ku
Aku memohon
Dosa nya dosa ku
Semoga diampun

[To you God...I seek forgiveness for our wrong doings]


I am blessed to have met quite a few distinguished people in their golden years
who have cared to share their life experience. Some through cyberspace like Sherry and Al-Manar(Pakcik),
some like Mak Ungku and Puan Sri Nik Daud, all whose life stories are
so rich in experience and lessons to be learnt,if only we listen...and listen carefully.

Recently Pakcik lost a good friend and his posting inspired the above poem,
which in turn inspired his own pantun.

I have inserted some English interpretation for ease of understanding.

The perfect one

Breakfast in bed
On perfect china
I was pampered

Like a porcelain doll


For magpietales

To the Stafford Rays of the world

in our world
these are dark times
yet we are not alone

in this quest for the green light
to empower ourselves
and save this blue earth

from the corporate suits
to the businessmen cartels
we are one

in our resolve
to break free
from the prison

of decadence and capital pursuit


For One Shoot Poetry Sunday

The first time I met Van Gogh

The first time
Van Gogh and I met
I was starry eyed

Aflamed by his starry night

I danced in his field
Of irises, and never
Knew such hues

A joyous sway of blue

And when I walked
into his cafe nuit
Laughters, secret whispers

Upon a brilliant canvas

A burst of yellow
Captured sunrays
That never fades

The artist creates

A perpetual point of reflection

For Thursday Think Thank over at Poet's United
Thank you dear Carrie for a lovely prompt

I was first introduced to Van Gogh by my English teacher
Mrs Khaw Choon Ean 25 years ago.

Red Alert On Red

it was a tiltilating evening
for the young debutante
the chinoiserie surroundings
lulled her guarded senses

and she ended up chained in a strange room

beware our daughters : for magpie tales
I wish human trafficking did not exist

Random Headlines?

The Attorney General said
It was legal for women to wear trousers anywhere
on this day in history

India gained independence
While Roswell gained fame
And 'A Streetcar Named Desire'
opened on Broadway

US combat troops arrived in Vietnam
Malcolm X was shot to death at a Harlem rally
But not all was glum
For My Fair Lady won the Oscars
And The Sound of Music premiered

Live Aid glued people together
Out Of Africa won best movie
And I was hooked on A-HA
Phil Collins, Madonna and WHAM
And we all believed
We Are The World

Strange year it was
When the FCC gave a morning session
To The Wireless Access To The Internet
In The Commission Room
At 9.00am

And Y2K was the buzzword

Yet frozen in time for me
I am almost embarrassed to admit

Diana's wedding, and on the day she died
I was thinking what it would be like
If it was MJ

For Thursday Think Tank
which is making headlines

In The Rain

skin upon skin
the rain cloaks
our oblivion

heightened senses
the rain mirrors
our abandon

exquisite relief
the rain welcomes
our release

gentle return
the rain envelopes
our breath

inner vision
the rain, a velvet sky
and i see stars


for more rain stories, seek out the magpie tales


A bewitching smile
Centuries old
Mysteries untold

Legends unfold


For Magpie Tales


My secret saviour
I was smitten

And surprised
Serendipity found me
To stay

For Thursday Think Tank

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