The legacy of seeds

ninotaziz wrote:

Pomegranates lie in wait
From the precarious moment
Its seed germinates
Such is life’s momentum

From birth to blossoms
Bearing fruits in service
Until the earth welcomes
Newly scattered seeds

Seeds of awareness.


Pakcik's response:

Hamba berdoa
Hamba memohon
Harapnya berbunga
Sebatang pohon

[I pray for the blooms]

Biarpun tak berbau
Tak berwarna bunganya
Yang hamba rayu
Buahnya berguna

[Regardless of scent and beauty, I hope they become fruits]

Harimau dan Manusia
Belang dan nama
Apalah guna

[What is the use of the stripes of the tiger....and the fame of the man]

Kepada Mu Tuhan ku
Aku memohon
Dosa nya dosa ku
Semoga diampun

[To you God...I seek forgiveness for our wrong doings]


I am blessed to have met quite a few distinguished people in their golden years
who have cared to share their life experience. Some through cyberspace like Sherry and Al-Manar(Pakcik),
some like Mak Ungku and Puan Sri Nik Daud, all whose life stories are
so rich in experience and lessons to be learnt,if only we listen...and listen carefully.

Recently Pakcik lost a good friend and his posting inspired the above poem,
which in turn inspired his own pantun.

I have inserted some English interpretation for ease of understanding.


  1. Oh these are so beautiful, Ninot!!!!! I especially love "seeds of awareness" and "To You, God, I seek forgiveness...." sigh. This blessed me with a moment of calm this morning as I gear up for a day when I must work instead of write. Onward, legs!

  2. hmmm....not sure why that comment transposed on top of the other print......home you can make it out, Ninot.

  3. Can see that two of you are exchanging beautiful poem and pantun.. me?! too envious to even try ;(

  4. Dear Ayoh Wang,
    It's not that difficult. Even those cats downunder can do it!

    Dear Sherry,
    It's ok here. Thanks and I am glad it brought you some cheer and calm!

  5. Your poetry always speaks of life,love, and the human experience....we do learn so much from those in their golden years that share their amazing experiences, through poetry, prose, and conversation....this is a lovely tribute Ninotaziz...I hope that you are doing well, and not staying too busy. :-)

  6. Dear Carrie,
    You are so right. Having been very close to my grandmother, it is very easy to relate to those with so much to share.

    I have 41 more stories of Asian folklores to go. The end is near. After this the editors and illustrators can take over. And I can begin to have reguar sleep again.

  7. O Ninot... your poems always speak in an ancient voice.. and I'm learning. Wisdom is all over your details.

  8. Dear dear Arian,
    We all try to do justice to the language and give it humanity...

  9. This is my first time to your site and you have beautifully written words here. I will be sure to come again to see other things you have written.


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