train rides south
mum missing dad
oblivious, we only enjoy
our moving playground
measured independence
childhood moments

murder on the orient express
mysteries of grey blue eyes
courtesy of Agatha Christie
hours of escape

childhood read
for dversepoets
Bill's post takes me to the time at least 40 years ago. Dad was a manager at a timber company. We had to venture hinterland to see him.
The train ride was at least 12 hours. North. South.
At least I thought so.

the philosophy of abstaining

fast, to appreciate hunger
compassion for your fellow mankind
food plays with the senses


abstain from your deepest desires
and your existence will
be pure pleasure


take a vow of silence
you will find words
too precious


disappear from the online world
for awhile, you will see clearly
the best of the best



today I celebrate Eid, after a month of fasting. And our dear Brian, is back within our fold after many months of staying away. hence, the above poem.


lover of the night
folding poems 
in a blanket of stars

daughters of the sun
drinking legends
for breakfast and tea

mother earth
milking passion
dreams on the milky way

passion legends poems
daughters mother lover 


words by ninotaziz
Copyright @ 2015 ninotaziz

In this heat, a balm for chaos

daughters put on wings,
garden turns to paradise
birds take flight -

Copyright 2015 © Zalina Abdul Aziz aka ninotaziz

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