Don Quixote

Gusty summer winds
Charge at noon
I am swept away!


For Magpietales


  1. That's always the danger when tilting at windmills, isn't it? And yet we try.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Great literary connection. I remember struggling with the Don in high school, I should give it a shot again.

  3. I hear strains of the Impossible Dream,
    see the reed thin Peter O'Toole tipping
    his lance to Sophia Loren, or a great
    bull charging a sagging ranch windmill,
    tired of the rusty squawking, or the
    well driller who is deathly afraid of
    metal blades, or the great windmills
    on the wind farms, two hundred feet
    above the bent lance.

  4. …now i’m learning the humour of Don Quixote.


  5. Windmill do remind Ayoh Wang of Moulin Ramadhan.. Don Quixote aussi bien sur ;))
    May the Ramadhan bring you and Yours closer to HIS pleasure and Maghfirah..

  6. ha. nice...i remember that tale and it often swept me away...

  7. Hi guys!
    Thank you for your feedback. What is amazing is that Cervantes wrote this story in the 1600s and Don Quixote was first published in 1604! A true fantasy fan, Don Quixote actually goes mad from his reading of books of chivalry. And now his name is synonymous with the act of trying to achieve one's ideals, no matter how unrealistic...

  8. Ninot Ma'am,
    Great tie-up to prompt.Don Q did some silly things to the windmills. Yes!

  9. Tilting at windmills, of course! Nice one.

  10. I LOVE this image and what you have done with it. :-)

  11. Better to be swept away than carried away...that's what I always say :)

  12. Tilting is so much better than wilting. Nice work!

  13. Your words always sweep me aways Ninotaziz! I have missed coming here...thank you for being such a wonderful friend. :-)

  14. We have had some very hot winds in my neck of the woods lately.


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