He, who is free
The wind sings him lullabies
Dirt roads - his highway


Softest whispers
Against beating summer wings
Stronger and stronger
For Haiku Heights

Sherry's Summer Evening

The blues and violets of Sherry's sky
are tinted with the magic of pain
love and sacrifice

A dream too strong to resist

The golden hued clouds race
far beyond the horizon
to kiss the sundrenched waves

Whales come a calling in the mist

Are there rainbows, Sherry
in your spiritual land, where your heart
returns again and again

I can see you home in the midst

Of laughing 'refugees from the 60s'
dancing seas and shimmering skies
sunsets that call upon your dreams

In life, you have touched your ultimate wish

How many of us can say this?


For my friend, Sherry Blue Sky

Burden upon young shoulders

Centuries come and go

Each with its economic crisis

That's what they call it

But how can we face our family

And say we do not have anymore

Left to eat

Nor place to live?


Written for the magpietales

I am just feeling melancholy today. Didn't mean to drag anyone down...


Green grass tall

Heightened sense of joy

You and me - Oh, boy!


Friendship, formed in spring

Holds true to last til winter

Tried and tested


A dime a dozen

Fair weathered acquaintances

Childhood friends - priceless


Written for Haiku Heights

To market, to market

After the morning paper
I went to market today
Nothing wrong with the weather
Everything's swell I'd say

Yet, with unseen weight on my back
I bought three sacks of rice
Instead of one ten kg sack
Carefully checked the price

Four huge bottles of cooking oil
To last me three months at least
Butter in aluminiam foil
And cheese, flour and yeast

Cans and cans of sardines
Piled high in my pantry
Not to forget baked beans
And tonnes of dried chillies

For the paper's business pages
All carried the story
Cried out the obvious
God help our economy...


Written for the Thursday Think Tank
Copyright 2011 @ ninotaziz
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