Hajah Rahmah Haji Nik

My grandmother Hajah Rahmah just passed away.



Alayna by the lake, words danced in her mind. She was entranced. She
saw the words in gold rushing headlong like stones skipping on water.
Serendipity. White Horses. Knights.

The poet lies in wait
Her heart bleeds words
On pieces of parchment

Arianna the lovely, red wily tresses frame her perfect visage, yet empty eyes.
Softest lips of velvet promised heaven on earth and more. She saw the loves
of her life walking out the revolving door. Passion. Induced. Love.

The lover lies awake
Her heart bleeds sorrow
Empty tomorrows

Alex in earnest, spoke of the end of the world. Of thousands of years of hate.
A moment of insanity. Of love and humanity. She saw the writing on the wall.
Fear. Inevitable. Armageddon.

The teacher lies in fear
Her heart bleeds wisdom
Of the lost kingdom

She emerges as One.

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for The Writer's Island, a surreal place
With a hypnotizing prompt this week - Emerge

Les bourgeois de Calais

Calais, beautiful French Port
Fell during the War of 100 Years'
If not for Philippa of Hainault
The city had to greatly suffer

All were doomed, unless
Six nobles were willing to die
And accept the English conquest
The burghers heroic self-sacrifice

Queen Phillipa's intervention
She begged Edward III for mercy
For fear of bad omen
Towards her pregnancy

The Queen's tears for her unborn child
Saved the burghers of Calais

Les bourgeois de Calais

Calais, port français tres beau
Défait pendant de 100 ans la guerre
Si ce n'est pas pour
Philippa La Reine Anglais

La ville a dû beaucoup souffrir
Tous ont été condamnés, mourir
Mais six nobles étaient prêts
Sacrifice ils vie, et accepter la conquête

Les bourgeois héroïque
Queen Phillipa dites
Edward, sil vous plait
Non! Pour notre bebe

Les larmes de la Reine pour son enfant à naître
Pour les vie les bourgeois de Calais

Mots par ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.


Ugly is the heart that is breaking
Love turn to hate, love gone
Passion in the aftermath, arising
Bewitching is the forlorn

Poignant is the moment of truth
Bittersweet indeed, this resistance
Gone with the wind, with fading youth
Tears sparkle like diamonds

Anger gives a lilt to her cheeks
Her passionate plea for reason
Oh how lovely she is
In her desperate wild abandon

Slowly, gentle sobs wreck her body
How soft to touch, her perfumed hair
A tonne of strength to let her be
To stand still and see her crying there

At that moment she turns to go
Never has she seemed so beautiful
She, who just moments ago
Seemed intolerable, undesirable, awful

Goodbye, the sweetest of them all

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.


Written for Thursday Think Tank over at Poets United
The theme this week is The Ugly that is Beautiful


“Lost Boat”, from Spanish artist Silvia

Be still, wind!
Let me listen to the waves
That gather at my feet
A soothing embrace

Be silent, seagulls!
Let me gather my skirt
And run to the shore
Where there is no more hurt

Be lonely, stars!
For I have claimed the night
As I walk up to my love
For my prize tonight

Be quiet, room!
Let me listen to heartbeats
Slowly in tandem
My paradise indeed

Be free, love!
Take me home now
The cradle of your arms
A gentle bough

I am reborn.

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

This picture just begs to be written and I could not resist.
Anthony North is responsible for my visit to The Writer's Island.

The Mirror

Tousled existance
What is real
Mirrored moments

Rapturous embrace
Whispered sigh
Erotic escape

Trembling quiver
Of the lips
Too sweet to remember

The lover who just left...

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

My heart - this week in love with Victor Hugo
Romances the Magpie Tales
Hosted by Willow, our kindred soul


It is not gold or diamonds
From far-off mines I seek
Nor wealth and opulence

But the calm serenity
With the love of my life
Today, and for eternity

A cup of tea together
Our lives, entwined forever
Like a bouquet of flowers

In the sun...


Il n'est pas or
Des mines sud-africaines
Ou richesses et l'opulence

Mais, le calme et la sérénité
Avec l'amour de ma vie
Aujourd'hui et à jamais

Une tasse de thé ensemble
Notre vie en main
Comme un bouquet au soleil

Incroyable ...

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.
This poem, I originally wrote in French last night. I hope you enjoy the
English version I wrote for One Shot Wednesday today. Have fun, everyone!

The prisoner princess

Prisoner princess
Evil enchantress

Too lovely to behold
The King was told

A witch,out for his life
The victim of courtly lies
Microfiction Monday - a magical world of mini stories
hosted by Susan over at Stony River ... come and join us!

The World's Rainbow

The Iris of the world
Piercing violet
Trembling in winter

Deep sky indigo
Endless infinite
Winter nights

Brilliant in spring
Blue horizons
Above shimmering seas

Awakening summer
Slumbering forest
Cool green glades

Sun-streak land
Awashed in yellow
Stretched out desert

Autumn settles
Amber brown gold
Layered earth rest

Sunset at dusk
Reddish skies
Time to sleep again

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

Written for Thursday Think Tank
At Poets United hosted by Robert Lloyd

Breaking Free

It was pure darkness - pitch black
Charcoal and ink pressing down
On my shoulders, back and neck
The air was hot hot hot all around

I touched, wondered, pushed at the wall
That seemingly had no end
Is this a passageway, a room, a hall?
I came to curves, bumps and a bend

Suddenly, after hours to eternity
A light shined through a window pane
In light, I was blinded - I could not see!
I forgot in the dark I was blind until then

I ran, I fell, I stood up straight again
Then I backed away from envisioned escape
The world outside seemed strange
The world outside seemed grey

I sat awhile to ponder and think
A whiff of memory of the old kingdom
brushed the cool air - whimsical whim
I neighed and embraced my freedom

I ran to the open fields...

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

This is a Magpie Tale - a mysterious and magical place
Strangers become fast friends truly embraced

To be truly human

It is our bane, this passion
To be truly human
Hearts pierced, broken
The tenderest of emotions

It is our joy, compassion
To be truly human
A world of earnest mission
Justice, elusive guidance

It is our inheritance
To be truly human
Nurturing our children
To the best of intentions

For this, the angels above
Cry the River of Mercy
Love, above all love
Our moments of Eternity

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

One Shot Wednesday - A challenging weekly shot at poetry
No photos, no prompts - only your instincts inspire your entry

Overheard at the train station

This is not Le Train Bleu, officer?
Or the Orient Express, is it?
I am sure I saw Poirot.

Egad! That man just jumped off the train!
A microfiction monday post - going places today
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Arabian Nights

Horse made of whimsical clouds
Take my love up high and about
This dream will never end.
A microfiction monday post - a dreamy place today
Read more MFMs, some really outlandish ones, here.

A lamp - far and wide

An oil lamp at the bedside
Travelled far and wide

Wall lamps hung in China rooms
To keep away the gloom and doom

Grandmother's pelita
lit up her framed visage

Shakespeare's lamp gave sonnets
Inspiring future poets

Temple lamps at Divali
Celebrating Rama's victory

Ancient lamps stilled fears of the dark
Ceremonial at civilisation's growing spark

Genie lamps - made of dreams
Sheharazade's insightful whims

This is a magpie post over at Magpie Tales - a beautiful place to be
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