A burst of sunlight


Drudgery weighs you down
Nothing seems to be right

Coupled with trudgery
Life, a vicious cycle

A series of misfortune

Chin up and look around
Look for the light

At the end of the tunnel
Around the bend

A burst of sunshine awaits you.


Inspired by the magpie tales no 94


  1. Your words are a burst of sunlight Ninotaziz....so glad you are back writing in the blogosphere! :-)

  2. Thanks, Carrie. I must not forget how important poetry is to me. I really appreciate your support and warmth.

    Strange, in the seemingly cold computer land, friendship and the human touch still shine through.

  3. Ninot Ma'am,
    Hooray, you're back! Back where you belong! Great to see you back Ma'am. Not just that. You made comments at my last 3 postings in Rainbow, all at one go. And..and...you're going to start sketching! Wow! that's awesome! We'll see your art postings forthwith, right?

    I managed to start the mood again with just a miserable 2,the Cowboy earlier and my Left Hand. I'll do a pencil sketch of an Aloe Vera in my next post (that promised earlier and I had also told Pak Cik I had been late in doing it)

    2012 is going to be a good year, a very good year with art pieces galore! I'm excited! Thanks for the inspiration too!


  4. Dear Sir Hank,
    With friends like all of you, it is very very good to be back(I donot know for how long, schedule permitting. A wonderful feeling going into the new year.

  5. Such a beautiful uplifting poem - like a burst of light itself. Thanks, kiddo!

  6. Thank you Sherry. Nice to see you again...

  7. nice...thanks for the warm thoughts and a bit of sun today...good to see you back. smiles.

  8. Thanks Brian. Lovely to be back, even for a while...

  9. Trudgery and drudgery ... love the way you used those words...

  10. Thanks Helen,I still say your take on the juries was most brilliant!

  11. Oh how nice to have a cheery view!

  12. Dear Isabel, at first I was mellow and melancholy when I saw the painting. After that, I somehow felt much better after visiting some blogsphere friends!
    Thanks for your visit too!

  13. Ninot Ma'am,
    Aloe Vera sketch and Hot Meals done! More in the pipeline! Check it out!



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