Beguile in Blue

Painting by Andrew Atroshenko

Her eyes took me in
A roomful of books
And I looked for Kafka

Her hands took mine
In grasp so tender
And taught me braille

Her lips whispered low
In my ear
Forget Shakespeare

For today - embrace Maugham

Written for TheWriters' Island


  1. Interesting use of writers to suggest feelings emanating beyond the moment! Beautiful!

  2. Maghaum is one of the travel writers I love. This poem is tight. I like how a quick imperative in the end made me realize to move away from such Shakespearean influence. How are you, my friend?

  3. Dear Arian,
    I am okay, burning the midnight oil with folklore from China and India. I am deep into Jataka tales at the moment - you wouldn't believe how many Asian tales originate from the Ramayana and Jataka tales!

    I LOVE Maugham! As he has been to Malaysia (a century ago where I used to live my other life) I feel somewhat closer to the man. Of course we can't live without Shakespeare, but I feel a need to get away once in a while!

  4. Dear Sherry,
    I am a bit exhausted from writing are you? Thank you for dropping by!

  5. Dear Gemma,
    I am glad you like the writers. They do have their own personalities that influence the way we think so strongly.

  6. What an incredible woman, a literary femme fatale who can wrap a man around her finger. Very well crafted piece.


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