Anak Raja Gondang

Once upon a time
On an island in the sun
A king, strong and kind
Awaited the birth of his son

His joy, unbridled

His happiness turned to fury
When not a babe was born
But a giant shell it appeared to be
From the queen's womb torn

Weakened and tormented

The queen was banished
None dared whisper her name
She in despair journeyed
Far to hide her shame

Her fall from grace

One day, out of the shell
A prince so handsome
Stood up strong and well
To bid his mother welcome

When she returned from toil

Mother, he said gently
I am your true son
The Conch Shell Prince
Here to right all wrong

She cried tears of happiness

And the prince walked away
After promising to return
His mother looked out everyday
Far out to the horizon

For his boyish smile...

Anak Raja Gondang

Di suatu zaman dahulu
Segak berdiri Duli Tuanku
Putera yang ditunggu
Bakal lahir menanti waktu

Alangkah hiba dan malu
Seluruh istana rawan dan pilu
Permaisuri diam dan kelu
Melahirkan gondang yang satu

Raja murka yang teramat
Permaisuri di halau di laknat
Terseksa jiwa terasa berat
Lemah nyawa hilang semangat

Gondang dibawa lari
Kehidupan baru dicari
Sehingga masa berlalu pergi
Istana tiada diingat lagi

Satu hari, terbelah gondang
Timbul putera terbilang
Menghibur hati ibu tersayang
Hingga tiba waktu balasan

Tinggallah ibu sementara waktu
Putera ingin mengadap Tuanku
Membela nasib derita ibu
Tiada gunanya hidup begitu

Saban hari ibu menunggu
Pulangnya putera yang satu
Di cari warta di awan biru
Di lautan dalam, di tasik bayu

Anak Raja Gondang...


Written for the Magpie Tales


  1. This is a beautiful story, absolutely enchanting

  2. great story telling...esp like the form you use the stanzas and the single lines between...very well played...

  3. Wonderful tale of the Conch Prince.

  4. a classical tale.
    so powerfully written.
    love your magpie.

  5. This is enchanting..a true legend..beautiful1

  6. Hi!

    I should have mentioned that the Legend of the Giant Conch Prince (Anak Raja Gondang) is from the ancient Makyung Theatre Dance of Kelantan, a UNESCO world heritage artform. I have attempted the translation in the syair form - Malay poetry influenced by Persian poetry.

    Thank you for dropping is much appreciated Sherry, MLM, Brian, Tess, Jinsky, Kristen, Jingle, Tumblewords & Lyn!

  7.  ..ah, this is a very amusing piece that should be admired by everyone, including me… in those few stanzas you’ve narrated a complete tale with enough dose of intensity and individuality of each character involved… and you just did give justice towards the end. Thanks for a most enjoyable read.(:

    Good day.


  8. This was beautiful!
    An unexpected and enchanting tale.

  9. Ninot Ma'am,
    Beautiful! You always find that uncanny connection to tales of old. Your treatment of many languages be it BM, French and English make it all the more beautiful!

  10. Wow...this was different and enchanting...wonderful write.


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