The mermaid

microfiction #37

The mermaid loved, the mermaid died
For a timeless fairytale, she was sacrificed...
Microfiction means the shortest of short stories. Think Aesop's fables, comic strips, or even jokes: complete stories that can be told in under a minute. For this game, the limit is a tweetable 140 characters or fewer. Hosted weekly by Suz

Sara's Winter

Magpie #20

Sara sat crosslegged, cornered
A slip of a shawl
Hanging over her shoulder

She was forlorn, frozen
Quivering smile, unreleased sigh
A misty goodbye in the air - unspoken

Sara barefooted, barefaced
Staring right through you
Dreadfully visible, her lonely ache

The door, ajar
Bristling autumn, cold winter
The seasons forever marred

Everything untouched
An icicle threatenening to crash
On the chilly slab, a forgotten toothbrush...

The Blade of a Stranger

A game - introductions made
From across the sea
We exchanged a bloodless blade
And now can never be enemies...

ninotaziz, 22nd June 2010


Has a new name
An endearing face,

New realms of bliss
A euphoric haven

Has a new home
A shared secret

ninot, 19th November 1997

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.


The light in the sun
Reflects upon the water
I am here, the only one
Spellbound by utter splendour

ninot, 13th August 1997

The Eternal Fountain

I want to recapture my youth
The tremor in my voice and the blush
In my cheeks, tell me I have found it
The eternal fountain, it lies within the heart...

ninot, 4th August 1997

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

I found real love after a lifetime...

Inas, chasing pigeons on the way to school

Have you ever stopped in your tracks
And felt like chasing the birds
With the wind at your back
And the sun saying, go forward...

Have you ever jumped down the stairs
Just for the fun of it
Without anyone to watch or dare
And land perfectly on your feet

Have you ever skipped from stool to stool
While looking absolutely impish, never the fool...

ninot, 25th October 1998

Iman's Lullaby

A hundred lambs
Are in fluffy land
Hushing me to sleep
To sleep, to sleep, to sleep

A thousand moons
Crescent, half and full
Are whispering bedtime stories
Of elves, gnomes and fairies

A million stars
Away and afar
Are twinkling bright
Sweet dreams tonight...

ninot, motherhood
July 1994


A lingerance sears the heart
Soft and hazy , of days past
Never to return, this is the lure
Of the nostalgic cempaka...

ninot, 3rd October 1991


Morning glory awakens
She kisses the morning dew
As her tendrils strengthens
Her hold upon you

Then one day the view
Is of a land in exile
And realisation came to you
It was hidden all the while...

ninot, 3rd October 1991

Delicate beauty is strongest
When self preservation is at stake -

Influences Me

Limits me

Ruins me

Contents me

Fill me

Lives me

ninot, 2nd July 1989

New York

It was raining in NY
But I let the sky kiss me
As I waved goodbye...

ninot, 11th July 1988

I was stuck in the elevator at the YMCA. And a handsome Italian stranger rescued me.

The chameleon

A chameleon turns her face
From the day that is old
Looks away from arising pain
She grows - oh! So cold

ninot, 11th July 1988

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.

The cat and the fiddle

On the rooftops
Dreams soar
Across time
Through unknown doors

I see a cat
In a forgotten town
Why is he sad
Why does he frown

My hand reaches out
In it, a fiddle
Do not doubt
Fantasy's miracle

My cat smiles
He dances a tune
After a while
He sings to the moon...

ninot, 10th august 1991

Among my earliest recollections, the Cat and The Fiddle Arcade, Hobart, Tasmania. I remember a fountain nearby though...


A song from my childhood
Flirts around with me
And little does it know
It hurts terribly...

ninot, 10th June 1988

I vaguely remember curtains with Degas ballerinas in my childhood...but how can that be?


I am an island girl
For wherever I put
My two feet on the earth
I am surrounded by water

And my spirit is free...

ninot, 10th September 1991
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