Sekar Budaya Nusantara

In the mirror, I hide from all eyes except my own. Only I can set me free. Free to embrace my past, my inheritance, my legacy. I am Srikandi.

Summer has no hold
over my restless heart
I seek the dance

The world has passed me by. It chases images, I chase dreams and the two are never the same. Sometimes I forget and I drown in limpid pictures.
I am Mutiara Hati.

The hikayat
calls me to return
to my art

Sacrifices must be made. Time. Place. Demands that must be phased. All shall mean nothing if I do not listen. To my heart. I am Suara Hati.

The pantun sings
But no one listens
Except the waves

The legends must be told. The audience must be awakened. For as they sleep and eat and play, their legacy fades away. I am Penglipur Lara.

The gamelan whispers
Upon brass instruments
The musicians long gone

Long gone...

Listen...listen to the words carried by the gentle sea breeze to your doors. I am here, let me in. I am your Srikandi.


  1. Ninot Ma'am,
    The Hikayat is bursting with fame and stories untold known to a small circle. Only those who profess interest would delve more into it. Great admiration for them!


  2. Beautifully written, ablaze with such rich heritage. I love "for as they sleep and play, their legacy fades away."

    Luckily you are there to write it all down - and so wonderfully.

  3. Dear Sir Hank,
    I try to keep faith and hope the Hikayats will not disappear.

  4. Dear Sherry,
    We all need to play our part in preserving what is beautiful and old and ancient. These are the memories of the world.

  5. SBS has definitely captured the importance of your work in preserving our heritage.. I certainly wish there are more out there spending their precious time trying to preserve equally precious heritage .. I know a few but there are not as prolific may be due to work commitment or lack of support and encouragement.. May your effort be 'seen' as good deed and may you be guided in your search for HIS pleasure..

  6. Dear Ayoh Wang,
    Since you introduced me to Mistiefiles, I have discovered a few others who care about the Nusantara heritage. However, quite a few including Srikandi of MO seems to have abandoned their blog for a higher cause. Or just disappeared.

    Anyway, I have learnt quite a lot from them and corrected some of my earlier thinking.

    Imagine, our heritage is actually a living historical legacy unfolding right before us. While the Mayans and Egyptians disappeared thousands of years ago, we are still standing here. What a shame if we let all this come to pass. To disappear.

    I can cry tears pf frustration when I think of this. And I hate my ignorance of the bigger picture. I have talent. But have a long way to go to learn about the majestic accomplishment of our past. Unfortunately, much of the history is hidden by the victorious in other nations.

    Where is Langkasuka? Where is Patani? Where is Melaka?

    In the shadows of its glorious queens and kings of past.

  7. Where is Langkasuka?... Interesting question... Some history are preserved in old religous books.. However the authors being religious figures were more interested in imparting religous knowledge to the mass.. Wish I can indulge myself in activities parallel to yours.. May Allah grant us wisdom and willpower to perform good deed..

  8. It reads god and it sounds good but I am hopelessly lost, let alone to be of help. Just persevere, Ninot, in what you believe, as I do in what I do.

  9. Thank you Pakcik.

    In the midst of work, daily routine and making sure the cats stay out of the house during daytime, I persevere!

  10. great sentiments, your words carry power, smiles.


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