To the genius I never knew

"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe."
~ Lao Tzu

This poem is not even a poem. It is a dedication to a boy, I never knew
A man, whose life I had a glimpse of - made possible by his father, I never met

Oh, what brilliance
In the moment of abandon
To the music

Gone too soon. And yet, there is a connection, this frail humanity that travels the dotted line of blogosphere gives me hope that we are one. We feel and share a genuine bond

Yes, we do know
when sincerity shines through
pain and joy mingles

We are alive and real. I extend my hand and hope you feel this hug
that travelled miles across the lonely ocean of millennia, Stafford

For there are many
whose lives you have touched
and left enriched

Good night, Stafford. Sleep well.

For your music maker
Tinker genius is sleeping well


Inspired by Poets United
Written for Stafford Ray

The looking glass

In the room, within a room
I saw a glimpse of the outdoors
I heard the whisper of doom
Riding across the moors

Reading du Maurier

In my hand I held a gateway
To the desert world of Fremen
Oh, what a glorious escape
The unthinkable evolution of human

Reading Herbert

In this space of revered silence
Words dance, imagination soars
Wars come alive, decadence
rots from inside walls

Reading Tolstoy

In this mysterious well
Of knowledge, a murder unfolds
Like no other plot, words fell
from each, a story told

Reading Pamuk

In the image that stared back at me
Behold the world I never leave
A new dimension, a new story
A tale many cleverly weave

Reading sanctuary

copyright 2012 © zalina abdul aziz @ ninotaziz
all rights reserved


For the Magpie Tales.

Any guesses on the titles?

Any guesses why this picture inspired this poem ? I have no idea why, except that it did.

The portal

The portal leads me to another
place beyond my mind
another realm, another dream
sanctuary, this autumn
day comes at a high price
I watch my beloved
walk away, gone
is my only reason for happiness
in exchange for life
not worth living...

copyright 2012 © zalina abdul aziz @ ninotaziz
all rights reserved
for the magpietales
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