The Curse

Once upon an old story
A hermit fell in love
With a vision of beauty

He fashioned her lovingly
The fragrant Cendana bark
Transformed into his lady

Happy was his hearth
With child, a precious girl
Of charming cleverness

Until Cendana betrayed him
For one who radiated strength
Like the sun above, on a whim

The hermit turned his back
On love and all worldliness
Cursed his wife - oh! so sad

Back to her original karma
Good and evil trapped within
The fragrant Cendana

Unlike her scent - never to escape.

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.
Written for the Magpie Tales - a mythical place to be
Today's offering is based on the Wayang Kulit story, Maharisi Burung Jerijit


  1. This is unique. The added inclusion of the hikayats in your poems gives it the strength. Excellent!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this ninotaziz. Very creative and lovely take on the prompt.

  3. back to her original that very nice...bkm

  4. omg. i'm hearing Margaret Atwood voice here. Crafted with crisp and authenticity, you made the material memorable.

  5. It's a sorrowful piece, yet lovely. I like how you were able to tell a mythical tale with such creativity.

  6. magical and mysterious, two things i love.

  7. No one can tell a tale or legend quite like you Ninotaziz! This is amazing! :-)

  8. WOWWWW!!! This was simply fantastic, Nino!! I loved the mysticism and the aura of myth surrounding this one!! You did it really well!!!
    Poor hermit! I wonder what made her ditch him... whheeww!

  9. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your wonderful feedback. The Wayang Kulit has its roots in the Ramayana. Cendana's daughter is Maya Angin (Anjana) who gave birth to Hanuman Kera Putih (Hanuman). Cendana fell in love with the Sun God Sri Sinar.

    What I love the most is finding similarities and connection between legends of the world be it from Malaysia, Cambodia, the Americas or the Nordic.

    Your support and encouragement truly spurs me on.

  10. Such a striking and unique take on this prompt. Well done.

  11. I have to go slow and easy on unfamiliar ground. It looks and sounds good but I am mystified for lack of technical knowhow. Remember - jauhari mengenal manikam?


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