Sherry's Summer Evening

The blues and violets of Sherry's sky
are tinted with the magic of pain
love and sacrifice

A dream too strong to resist

The golden hued clouds race
far beyond the horizon
to kiss the sundrenched waves

Whales come a calling in the mist

Are there rainbows, Sherry
in your spiritual land, where your heart
returns again and again

I can see you home in the midst

Of laughing 'refugees from the 60s'
dancing seas and shimmering skies
sunsets that call upon your dreams

In life, you have touched your ultimate wish

How many of us can say this?


For my friend, Sherry Blue Sky


  1. Ninot Ma'am,
    A fitting tribute to your best friend. Wonder what's the occasion! Laughing refugees of 60's have a right to laugh. They've done very well there though Vietnam is now thriving in its own right!

    P/S Gone into limericks. Rainbow previous posting.

  2. Ninotaziz,

    You have captured what I imagine, is that wonderful scene which Sherry can look out upon. She is a very lucky lady!
    Ninotaziz, You have made her view come alive with this tribute.


  3. Oh, Ninotaziz, this is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I am so touched. What a lovely poem, and you found the photo of my favorite beach, Wickanninish. Sigh. Thank you for transporting me there with this wonderful, wonderful poem.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I see that you are as enamored and endeared by Sherry as I. She is a precious soul. So too, clearly, are you. Wonderful!

  5. Dear Sir Hanks,
    Sherry is an amazing writer with a deep love for the ocean. Through her eyes and vivid words, I wrote this poem. It is to Sherry's credit that I can almost see, hear and smell the sea breeze she describes so vividly.

    Her longing is acute and I hope I have helped her enjoy this bit of poetry specially written for her.

  6. What a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman!

  7. Not many can say that, and not many get to publish poetry! I hope that is what you meant. Congratulations.

  8. I just found this again. It is fate, reminding me, at this very moment, of my dream to return there. I so hope this next winter's storms will find me there, back in the place I love so much.

  9. Please could I use this picture for my IT coursework to create Competition entries... Please, send back a reply if you don't mind I'm using your picture in my coursework. Thank you...


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