Dali's painting

the bed, that is not my chambers
lies in wait
the room, that is not my sanctuary
stands still in time
the window, that does not look out
blocks out the view
the light, from the moon above
hovers within
the chequered floor, in the imaginary room
my only reality

the man, who is not my lover
where is he

Written for The Writer's Island

Love Force

Love Force #5 by Jonas Gerard

Buds awaken
Every fibre of being
Love force

Rain, hail and shine

Written for One Stop Poetry
Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

From Plato to Rousseau

More than two thousand years ago, Plato studied from Socrates and believed in beauty, good and justice. But the crumbling Greek society disillusioned his idea of democracy. He replaced this ideal with the 'state', a living nation that rewarded hardworking citizens whose collective goal was to enhance its stateliness
beautiful architecture beautiful people beautiful minds

Plato lost faith
In ideals and sought -
to restore order

The Republic was born out of the belief that the state was above all. Aristotle continued this quest, unrealistic dream for the perfect state for mankind. The beautiful minds began the search for logic and science, dimensions and proportions and transfered this logical thought process to politics. To him, only the state can ensure the good life. The alternative would be chaos - therefore the state must be preserved

Politics took shape
Under Aristotle's rigid

It took two thousand years to destroy the innocent view of the perfect world on earth when Machiavelli arrived with his book, The Prince, he who believed that political power was above all. By now, a unified nation must be achieved at all cost. And hail to the new Italian hero Cesare Borgia (who was not even Italian) - for which a little bit of brute force and deceit did not taint his pristine reputation - to which a citizen militia was all loyal

Cruelty, lies, bigotry
All ends justified
In the name of the state

Power politics was here to stay, borne of the overiding desire to unite the most fragmented of countries. Across the borders, centuries later, Voltaire urged man to move forward and leave the era of injustice. He warned, "Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices."

Son esprit caustique
Et plume cynique
Rejeté les reliques du moyen âge

His caustic mind
And cynical pen recoiled
From the barbaric relics
of the Middle Ages

"Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains," reasoned Rousseau who with stirring words, turned men's thoughts from food and sex to bloody revolutions. For Rousseau believed in the individual, his rights to his person and reminded the free
we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost.

To be continued...

(Tolstoy, Gandhi, Geldof)

Written on a lazy Sunday before I start painting my staircase. Hopefully, it can help clarify some thoughts over at The Writers' Island. However, please note about one hundred years before Plato, Confucious emphasized personal and governmental morality, the correct social relationships, justice and sincerity. And his thoughts are as relevant today as then.

The three witches

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

This little piggy will become king,
And this little piggy shall beget a line of kings.
This little piggy shall fall by one not born
Of a woman's womb!

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

Written for the Magpie Tales - a wicked place to be
Dedicated to the Bard's Macbeth

I am The Spider Queen

I am the Spider Queen
High up in the tower
Night after night I spin
Tales of legends and lovers

Mythical adventures

My web spins around the world
Across forgotten times
When all moved forward
Somehow, I was left behind

Cloaked by books

I love the dragons of Romania
The epic of Ramayana
The White Snake Lady of China
Whether it is a Celtic tale
Or that of Mayang Sari
I take you far away
To lands of marvelry

Land of make belief?

Spin, spin day and night
Just like Shaherazad
Fantasy takes flight
Lost within fiction and fact

I am the storyteller.

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for the One Shot Wednesday - an adventurous place
All linked folklore stories retold by ninotaziz

In the beginning

Izanagi held his halberd
Oh! His winter lost
Izanami, his beloved

Killed Kagutsuchi
Whose birth was the cause
Without mercy!


Written for the Microfiction Mondays
Japanese mythology served as appetiser!


Craving for attention

To beautiful liars

The SheWolf comes around
La Tortura

Hips Don't Lie
For fans of Shakira
Why ? Because the word abandon
Brought her to mind

That place on the moon

Smoky Mountains by JVivienneC

On the moon
There are smoky mountains too
Though not as picturesque

I am sure

As our Blue Ridge range
Travelling the horizon for miles
Pink, violet and indigo

I am sure

The moon alone
Coverts its barren grey
Undulating landscape

I am sure

You and I appreciate
Our flora and fauna covered terra firma
To dwell upon nature's panorama

I am sure

We would never
Want our smoky mountains
Be barren like that range

On the moon

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for the
Poets United's Thursday Think Tank - an adventurous place
Inspired by the wonderful Random Deviations at


Listen to the rhythm
The song of the wild
The trees that rustle
The breeze that sighs

Listen to the waves
And the birds in the open
Flying higher as they brave
The vast and wide ocean

Listen to the silence
That keeps stars suspended
Up high in the heavens
Even as the song ended

Listen to the blood rush
Through veins so young
All the world hushed
Life was simpler once

Listen to the heartbeats
That march in tandem
Two lovers asleep
Together in abandon

Listen to the symphony of life

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for the
magpie tales - a musical place to be


Do not struggle so, my love
It will only take a while
Then we will fly to the stars
You and I

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for
Microfiction Monday - a realm where the impossible occurs
weekly, here prey and victim take flight. Find more bizarre tales

Watch the Skies

Photo by Diyana KamaruzA

If the moon can smile
With the stars across the sky
So can I, so can I...

Written for the Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt: Observation
For more smiley faces in the sky from all over the world, check here.

The Curse

Once upon an old story
A hermit fell in love
With a vision of beauty

He fashioned her lovingly
The fragrant Cendana bark
Transformed into his lady

Happy was his hearth
With child, a precious girl
Of charming cleverness

Until Cendana betrayed him
For one who radiated strength
Like the sun above, on a whim

The hermit turned his back
On love and all worldliness
Cursed his wife - oh! so sad

Back to her original karma
Good and evil trapped within
The fragrant Cendana

Unlike her scent - never to escape.

Words by ninotaziz
Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.
Written for the Magpie Tales - a mythical place to be
Today's offering is based on the Wayang Kulit story, Maharisi Burung Jerijit
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