The rain fell on the pebbles, fallen leaves and umbrellas bobbing above a sea of people. Washed away sorrow, tears and the harshness of the city . Bickering stopped and all turned to lending a hand. The rain and wind picked up strength and we stayed hidden away, enveloped in warmth of the fire.

Autumn brings the storm
I reach out to you, neighbor
Keep safe, my friends

Behind the window pane, two lovers stayed under the covers, to keep the hurricane away. Children huddled together read books while the wind displayed its mighty strength, trying to pry open any weak entry. The old and sick braced themselves - medication, heat, food. Stay indoors.

Frail and yet, humans
Will prevail in the face of
Adversity -

Goodnight my friends. I wish you well. Hold a hand, hug a friend, have your cellphones fully charged. Keep your loved ones safe and sound, the door closed, the windows barred. Listen to a song, say a prayer. Stay indoors, stay safe.

Hallways give shelter
Toddlers in closet room tents
The cat on the ledge

As we listen in to the news, Sandy arrived - crashing at 86 miles per hour. Eerily the carousel at Battery Park stayed lit, surrounded by rising waters. The New York I knew and loved is devastated, deluged in sea water. Newsmen, ambulances rushed. Fires engulfed homes. Snow fell in October. Announcements made - stay put til morning. Stay safe. Stay brave.

The news strike fear
Toronto to Quebec City
My haunts, Canada

I am shocked. My favorite cities in Canada - Toronto, Peterborough, Quebec City - so many memories and fondest moments. Friends I remember well. I did not realize this would be closer to heart than I thought. I am keeping vigil and hope to hear from you soon - Verlia Stephens. Chris McInnis. Larry Coplen.


For the Magpie Tales


The world was grey everywhere he looked for he was born of sight but color blind. And yet, where there were herbs, the very texture of the air changed and he sensed the purple in the lavender and the brown muskiness of cinnamon.

He could mix these elements to create the most marvelous cures for any desire and illness.

For any wanting of mankind.

And as his magic touched all corners of the world, the colors tinted his grey world to become a wondrous kaleidoscope of million pixel dust.

Fashionably late?

Summer ends and autumn chills
Bring together warms hands
A mask hides your lovely face

But not your gasp of surprise

You see me, all that is
Important for a dance and shared breath
of loveliness and wonder

Behind The Manor's doors

And all I care about
Your shapely lips that can cover mine
Today and always

But most of all - at midnight


The Willow Ball is here

And we dance up the stairs.


Tonight, I am here at the Willow Ball with my life partner and best friend Rudy.

Goodnight everyone!

Web of Lies

I saw you standing there 
Hand on her waist 
pulling her closer

And I knew then
All that you said last night
Was a web of lies

Intended to lure us into your lair.




I landed into a  forest filled with luscious green peaceful giants and scurrying living creatures. Stepping out, the moss covered ground tickled my lower limbs, sending life signals that spread throughout me in delightful shivers. I looked up to see the wide span of blue dotted with nebulous waterforms - the open skies I cruised through upon entry.
 Then, I heard alien voices filled with  hatred and machines roaring in the distance.
In that instant, I understood my mission and why my superiors called this beautiful orb flawed.
My first attempt at Five Sentence Fiction.

Autumn dreams

Dreamcatchers dancing
in the summer breeze that fades
Autumn dreams are here

Thank you, Kristjaan!


I have often wondered
About the symbols man leave behind
Clues and secret treasures
With no one to decipher
What dreams and guesswork
They begin to inspire
Writers and dreamers are agog
Many turn to spin on blogs
Here is the Eye in the sky
Certainly I am reminded
Of Alan Parson's project
I hear you object
The  American dollar
Places this symbol into
Each and every American's hand
So that they can say 'I  can!'
And yes, this is the symbol
Of the American Seal
Novus Ordo Seclorum
A New Order of The Ages?
A poor offering from me, for the Magpietales
I can't wait to see what Berowne has written this time!

An October to remember

October was the longest month
Still is, and the worst 
Was yet to come
I was drowning, I confess

But here is salvation!


I must admit, without shame and total disregard for high society etiquette, I reached out to Tess on Facebook and brazenly asked her, "When is the Willow Manor Ball?"

October is truly the month when everything appears like a roller coaster. I am a working Mum, writer and free-lance copy-writer cum gardener and cougar loving wife, loyal friend - proper daughter, aspiring poet, French student, math teacher and family disciplinarian all rolled into one.

I desperately needed to go to the Ball of the Year!

My loving husband has just asked me to accompany him while he has his dinner.

Bye everyone and see you at the Ball!


Oh, yes, here is the Magpie this week:

I watched, while they slept
One stood guard, his breath
Escaped into the night, full of fear

Afraid to switch off the lights
They sensed me tonight
Watching them watching me

Queen of the Night.


For the Magpie Tales
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