At the grocery stop
In downtown Pittsburg
I found my sure fire muse
A can of tomato soup

A tribute to the Pop Art legend
For the Magpietales

Long distance love

I'd cycle the whole night
Just to let your voice
Light up my corner of the world


For the Magpie Tales


It was the coldest
Of winters, the deers froze
In their tracks

The seasons change, yet
My lady was cold and lost
In the deep forest

So the old baron
Called upon spring to come forth
Make haste, make haste


But Lady Frost sat
firmly on the ice cold earth
and suppressed the buds

From ever returning.


Written for Haiku Heights

Copyright (c) 2012 ninotaziz. All Rights Reserved.

My Home

With my hands
I planted this wild ginger
Until it bloomed
All throughout the year

With my fingers
I cut the pink blossoms
Green leaves and more
Tended to my lovely garden

With my heart
I arranged a simple bouquet
For my kitchen table
Where we eat and play

So that my loved ones
Would enjoy a lovely scent
A thing of beauty
An afternoon well spent

At home.

For Poets United : Thursday Think Tank


i n e c s t a s y

Her breath - a perfume
That made men delirious
In the summer heat

Her translucent skin
A pulsing beacon, a promise
Of untold heights

Her hair - a snare
That entangled their passion
Deadly in winter.


Copyright © 2012 ninotaziz. All rights reserved


For the Magpie Tales and Haiku Heights.

The Heart Remains

All her days
Her heart led her deeds
Now - all of her



This is an experiment for the Magpie Tales.



Despite the race against time
I say yes to this little moment
Of tenderness

It becomes a lifetime of memory

My pen glides
Against the smooth white paper
Of poetry and words

It becomes my work of a lifetime

My green fingers
Say yes to this garden
Of trees, shrubs and herbs

It becomes my solace and hideaway

My heart, will and soul
Say yes to this embrace
Welcoming him to my space

He becomes my other self

A buffer against the many reasoned 'No'


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