Season of Reflection


a thousand days
without face or reflection
sense of self diminished



We walk the hours that make up our lives. Talk to the minutes - the hand, the dial, the markers of time. Capture the seconds, stored for days, labeled eternity.

Time, past summer
is measured in the flight
of the butterfly, so free

We take the path that leads us home. Talk to the trees - the leaves, the flowers, the gifts of the seasons. Capture the fruits, ripened and sweet, labeled health.

seasons, past chapters
measured by flight of stairs, 
increasingly painful

We face the reflection that shows us truth. Talk to the man in the mirror - the eyes, the lies, the carefully painted image. Capture the truth, staring back accusingly, labeled proper.



to live is to be thrust into the sunlight, crying - 
and to leave in the glow of moonlight, sleeping.

Copyright © 2015 ninotaziz


Dune dreamers

Painting by Daria Petrilli

if only you could see
the world I fear hidden
we would sail away down 

the duncan idaho

march with fish speakers
who keep peace for 
love of humanity

Leto II


It's World Book Day soon and so, this month I pay tribute to my favorite dreamers and thinkers.

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