Last moments

Storms of the heart rage
In the cold December month
Love dims slowly -

by ninotaziz. all rights reserved

For Haiku Heights

Through the night and back

I live today, in the moment
Daily loves, daily routines
Daughter, lover, sister, parent
Alive and well - I'm flying

through the eyes of a child

At night though, dreams take hold
The centuries fall back, I travel
The waters of time withhold
their secrets no more - I revel

through the histories of the times

My home lies in the Malay Peninsula
An ancient bridge to the world
 I walk the Silk Roads to Persia
Drink tea with Cheng Ho, the Admiral

through time, I witnessed the cycles

Rivers flooded and man rebuilt
Houses on stilts, palaces and tombs
Huge bahtera sailed across the seas
Garuda flew the skies of doom

through the legends of the night

Civilisations rise and fall 
Princesses continue to beguile
Ruling houses, one and all
Conquer for a while

through the might of the crushing hand

Kings leave monuments - awe-inspiring
Sorcery and magic abound
East or West, from Chini to Ys
Serpents or dragons come around

I am enthralled.


For dVerse Open Link Night

My journey as a writer has resulted in the publication of Malaysian and Asian folklore and legends. And I am forever thankful for this opportunity to introduce Asian legends to the world.


Three different poems on the desert

usah mencari
diriku yang lara -
di tengah gurun
je suis allé
seul dans le désert
I will be here
Like the wind - no, the storm
That rapes the desert

by ninotaziz. all rights reserved
 Bahasa Melayu, French &  English

we grow old

Toi et moi
Nous vieillirons
dans l'amour, nous

rirons sous la pluie
pleurons ensemble
nous partageons

notre sourire secrèt
sous la lune
sous les etoiles

Cri de joie
dans le soleil


you and i
we shall grow old
in love, we

smile in the rain
cry together
we will share

secretive smiles
under the moon
under the stars

cry out in delight
in the sun
for always

de ninotaziz. all rights reserved


For Magpietales


Travel far into space and time
What did H G Wells find
Man lost his mind

His reason, his cunning
All that were left - machines
Silently humming

In houses of light.


After 30 years, I re-read H G Wells The Time Machine ( a class reader in school)
and found it as riveting and fascinating as the first time I had read it.

Lone tree

Torrential monsoon
Young tree shivers all alone
Survives in the morn

A tribute to 1Q84 in haiku

Two hands clasped in fall
Reached across childhood borders
A lifetime promise
Aomame's summer
Brought the night of two moons
Upon her suddenly
Tengo's Town of Cats
Unhappiness reigned free fall
How do I venture?
Yet, hearts and loins
Struggled to rule all actions 
While Little People play
Deep into the night
Sinister at every turn
Surreal loveliness
Two hands clasped in winter
Love found for keeps, for now
One moon remains -
by ninotaziz. all rights reserved
IQ84 is Murakami's latest novel.
Surreal. Intense. Satisfying.
For dVerse : Literary Allusions

Cleaning Up

First I have to get rid of the dirty laundry.

Then the messy plates and what about the two wine glasses that have to be washed and steamed until they glitter spotless, devoid of any trace?

Oh, yes - those shiny Ikea knives must be placed back carefully in their knife block.

Finally, the lovely lifeless body of my ex, a little cut up here and there.

This business of a woman scorned must be taken seriously.



On the table
Chrysanthemums so pretty
Deadly spikes beneath

Sur la table
Chrysanthèmes tres jolie
Mais pointes mortelles

Sungguh cantik
Bunga kekwa berseri
Dipasak duri

by ninotaziz. all rights reserved

Haiku in English, French and Malay

for Tackle It Tuesdays
dVerse Open Link Night


This poem was originally written for Tackle it Tuesdays. However, the poem has its origins in my early days as a junior executive at the 100 year old Royal Lake Club Kuala Lumpur, over 20 years ago. I had newly joined the Club, and normally spent my lunchtime at The Buttery. I was determined not to forget my love for poetry and spent that relaxing one hour having lunch and writing poetry.

The Buttery had  floor to ceiling windows overlooking the century old Lake Gardens.

Fresh flowers adorned the restaurant in those days. And they were changed every three days. To make the flowers stand, spikes were placed at the bottom of the vases.

And I thought to myself, so often, we have to use harsh measures to look beautiful. Why?

Wow, Joseph - excellent idea to recount the origin of our poems.


Verdun, 1917 Felix Vollotton

Under the beauty of the blue heavens
Hillsides stripped, burned
Animals looked to the same sky

Cursed and cried

Acrid smoke, dried out earth
This relentless plunder
Sherry's standing people fall

Small and tall

So the floods came with force
Hurricanes and winter storms
We could only scramble high

And still we wonder why?


For me, the war against nature is of the greatest concern today.
For the Magpietales

The Mistress

I am the fragile beauty.

A creation of the your malady.

Unfashionably late apologies.
Unfulfilled promises.
Unfaithful character.



pregnant meditation
silence in autumn

le silence de l'automne
méditation profonde

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