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Where have all the people disappeared to? Do we say hello to one another down the street? Does Friday appear almost as soon as Monday is here? The weekend passes by in a blink...

brisk summer walks
business as usual
city is alive and aware

How have all my friends been doing? Do we still write emails and letters  to each other? Does December appear almost as soon as soon as January arrives? The months pass by in a blink...

autumn to autumn
rivers flow as they should
to sea without hesitation

When did all the children go silent? Do we hear their laughter ringing in the street? Does winter appear as soon as summer is over? The seasons pass by in a blink...

snowflakes fall
all sleep even as the wind howls
the earth renews itself

Why are all the babies announcements unfamilliar? Did we attend our best friends' baby showers this year? Does Christmas appear almost as soon as we celebrate New Year? The year passes by in a blink...

a lone sprig grows
spring brings hope and false
security is so fleeting

Where is that mountain over yonder? Did I miss the horizon while the city grew taller? Did a concrete jungle  appear over busy years? Did the decades pass us by in a blink...

summer is relentless
like the morning glory
a kingdom to climb

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All Rights Reserved


because Gabriella is calling haibun
and winter is over


  1. Your series shows how the world has speeded up. Everything moves way too fast. The bit about the silent children really got to me...sigh, so true. And few say hello to those down the street, so it seems. It used to be different a while ago!

  2. I like the way you used rhetorical questions and draw us into asking them ourselves. I agree with Mary that joy and spontaneity seem to have deserted a lot of children. We should indeed wonder what has happened?

  3. I love this:

    "autumn to autumn
    rivers flow as they should
    to sea without hesitation"

  4. I like the strong evocation of the passing of time.

  5. I wonder what is changing the most... is it the world outside or is it our souls... a wonderful series Ninot.

  6. Thought provoking and truly meditative! Lovely series.

  7. This leaves me wistful for the next season

  8. so true - and yes thought provoking

  9. Do we stall a little to assess what did happen Do we resolve to put on the brakes to slow things down. Perhaps one is not strong enough to impose a resolve in these recent times. Thoughtful thoughts Ninot!


  10. The seasons seem to come quickly but I wouldn't mind a bit of a longer summer, smiles ~ I love this haiku:

    nowflakes fall
    all sleep even as the wind howls
    the earth renews itself

    Thanks for joining our Haibun Monday Ninot ~

  11. I love the format of this poem. You have captured example try how I feel as the months zip by. Way too fast!

  12. Question..
    Questions more..
    Dancing Dancing
    Dancing more..
    Children join
    in.. older stares..
    it works it
    works it


  13. As we get older, time seems to pass ever faster...this makes me thankful for the reliable turning of each season but wistful for the fleeting moments for relationships.

  14. Things can seem to get away from us with time...love the message in this Ninot...thought provoking and beautifully done.

  15. I don't get by as much as I would like. Congratulations on all of your achievements. You are a gifted writer as this post and all posts show us.

    1. Dearest Renee, thank you for all your encouragement all this while. I wish I had more time to write poetry though.

      Miss writing poems...

  16. My comment seems to have disappeared? I will try again. Congratulations to you on all of your accomplishments. You are a gifted writer.


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