If I could turn back the clock

there were moments
frozen in time, but never undone
there were words
spoken in haste, and forever hanging
in that space between the dimension
of forgiveness and pain
laughters that echo
through the tunnels of time
there is love that is overwhelming
but still not enough
it is not emptiness that remain
but bittersweet pain, the deep loss that knows
what will never be replaced.
Copyright  © 2016 ninotaziz


  1. That space left behind which cannot be filled is so deftly portrayed here - sheer longing

  2. that in between place of remembering can surly be a painful place to be, if only for its hankering.

    Happy Sunday

    much love...

  3. Such a sharp image of that space of words causing pain... Sometimes we might wish them unsaid, but in the end forgiveness can only stop bleeding not remove scars.

  4. Sadly somethings can't be replaced the same way...

  5. Oh such a painful place sometimes that place in between.


  6. Oh yes, this is what loss feels like - love, regret, things we wish we could do over.......beautiful, Ninot, and so nice to see you in the Pantry, my friend.

  7. I agree with Sherry...you have captured what loss feels like. This is a poem that can only have been written by someone who has experienced. And, yes, some things one knows will never be replaced. This is an excellent poem, Ninot. It hits the reader in the gut, but it is SO real. As Sherry said, it is great to see you in the Pantry.

  8. "space between the dimension
    of forgiveness and pain" Shoot, I hate lingering here until I can move on--but you've pinpointed that limbo accurately. Why does something good have to change?

  9. What a beautifully written but sad lament this is.

  10. But still not enough... the words hang there between forgiveness and pain.. wonderfully written.

  11. The loss is always difficult to bear and is indeed irreplaceable. Beautifully poignant.

  12. but bittersweet pain,
    the deep loss that knows
    what will never be replaced

    It pained the heart to know of the loss which can never
    adequately be addressed but still to be faced. The loss often is faced alone without others to help share the burden. That makes it more painful!


  13. there are times which we could do better, and there are some which we wish can last longer. i think most of us do understand the desire to turn back the clock. :)

  14. The clock may not be able to be turned back but moving forward in a different way is possible. Lovely writing.

  15. I hope I have done this correctly this time. I am unfamiliar with (Atom). I always think of you and the first book you wrote that I have and your wonderful writing.

    1. Dear Renee
      Thank you so much for your encouragement always. Nothing beats that feeling of publishing one's first novel, except for the fact someone read and enjoyed your work.

      I continue to write, but I try not to push myself too hard as in the past I had only a few hours sleep every night writing. For years.

      I am determined to sleep well and exercise.


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