The Fury of the World

It came upon us
In the bluest of nights
Darkness cloaked it well

Deep within

In the light of day
A grey change settled deep
Into our hearths and hearts

Still unseen

In time, a storm gathered
Of purple hatred and gorged fury
A torrent slashing forth

At the seams

The blackened skies asunder
Shrieks of pure terror
Invisible, invincible

One with the wind

She, stepped forward
Illuminous, in the face of fury
Drank in the torrential pain

Victorious, it seemed

Golden peace returned
And yet our saviour
Disappeared forever

Bearing our burdens, unwanted trophies
Riding the invisible winds


This was inspired by the MagpieTales and Arian Tejano
of A Noiseless Patient Spider


  1. love the intense depth this possesses

  2. Dear Jo,
    Thank you. I really had to struggle with this one.


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