A house full of mirrors

A house full of mirrors
That reflect our lives
Give the illusion of space

And freedom of thought
As I gaze beyond
A blank and empty wall

Which fail to limit me
Doubled my pleasure
Of looking at you

And my favourite things
In life - plants in pots
And books on shelves

Ikesha dancing
A window to the other side
Limitless possibilities

The land of shadows and dreams


  1. Mirrors do expand the view and space of a room....love the thoughts in this beautiful poem Ninoraziz.....glad you are back i have missed you! :-)

  2. Dearest Carrie,

    Lovely to be back. Had to break away. Can you believe it , I am two stories away to closing the chapter of writing 366 folklore stories the last four months.

  3. Ninot Ma'am,
    '...mirror,mirror on the wall..',
    we can expect this gem from you certainly! Your folklore stories will be out in no time? Just great,how prolific!
    Certainly looking forward to seeing it in print.
    I've lots of grounds to cover myself. Will make regular postings forthwith. Missed the fun. Am glad to be back.

  4. A lovely poem, ninotaziz. :-)

  5. Beautifully written, ninotaziz.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the land of shadows and dreams, so true!
    I love potted plants and books, too~
    I love this line, "A window to the other side
    Limitless possibilities" so beautiful~

  7. Good for you, Ninot, so close to completing your folklore book. Way to go! So nice to read your beautiful poem. I missed you, too!

  8. i want spend an afternoon in that environment you created. Lovely.

    Yes! I got your goodreads link of the book. I will check it this weekend. VERY BUSY! can't even write a magpie poem this week. So much work.. this detriment to a productive writing life. haha.


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