Yelping dog, quiet!
I am rolling over the plains
of devastation

Hatchlings surrender
to the void that empties
the mind

Oh, when will they learn ?

It's too late, anyway.

Copyright 2012 © zalina abdulaziz @ ninotaziz


For the Magpie Tales the Magpie Tales

At the seashore

Waves of summer

crashing, hitting, arriving

against the wide beach

at the edge

of the season, how

insignificant we are

powerful winds

like a tiger, roar

in the cloaked balmy night

to be so close

to the edge of time and matter

where it does not matter

Every sunrise. Enlightened.

opyright 2012 © zalina abdul aziz @ ninotaziz


When life throws you a bitter pill, it is best to remember - it is for our own good.

I am ready to leave everything behind
Take a leap of faith
And seek my destiny, build my own nest

I require little wings of encouragement, a little humble pie to swallow - a huge dose of commonsense.

I need to take charge
And charter my own path
Not according to the whims and fancies

Others will tell me, it is a dangerous world out there. Find your wings. Take it slow.

I shall find my wings to sail through
With prayers that enlighten and strengthen
My purpose and devotion

Here is my hand, held out. Please lead the way.


For Magpie Tales
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