That place on the moon

Smoky Mountains by JVivienneC

On the moon
There are smoky mountains too
Though not as picturesque

I am sure

As our Blue Ridge range
Travelling the horizon for miles
Pink, violet and indigo

I am sure

The moon alone
Coverts its barren grey
Undulating landscape

I am sure

You and I appreciate
Our flora and fauna covered terra firma
To dwell upon nature's panorama

I am sure

We would never
Want our smoky mountains
Be barren like that range

On the moon

Words by ninotaziz Copyright 2011 © ninotaziz. All rights reserved.
Written for the
Poets United's Thursday Think Tank - an adventurous place
Inspired by the wonderful Random Deviations at


  1. Beautiful photo and your poem makes it even more vivid. No we wouldn't want to trade a moonscape for our beautiful mountains.


  2. Indeed we wouldn't. Great work on this Think Tank!

  3. Beautifully written. I love the line about the "barren gray undulating landscape".

  4. ninotaziz,

    A very nicely composed appreciation of all that is good here on earth.
    A great use of the prompt image...
    Best wishes, Eileen

  5. I love the imagery, so powerful! This was beautiful and I could see it! Great Job~


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