Upon the waves

Upon the waves of loneliness
I call to my wings of rapture
Let my music dance afire

Find my lover's innermost desires

Upon the waves of the great divide
I call to my wings of peace
Let my words of humanity

Find my lost kin across the sea

Upon the waves of motherhood
I call to my wings of nature
Let my soothing lullaby

Find my baby in sweet slumber

Upon the waves of emptiness
I call to my wings of faith
And let my caressing voice

Find calm in a world of chaos

For I am merely
The enchantress of magical words

Come to do your bidding...

Sur les ondes

Sur les ondes de la solitude
Je donne la parole à mes ailes de l'extase
Que ma musique de danse feu

Et trouver le cœur de mon amour

Trouver le calme dans un monde de chaos

Pour tu...pour tu seulement


Written for Writers' Island


  1. Pour moi seulement!!..
    On pense que ton Rudy;))
    J'aime bien the enchentress of magical words;))

  2. Ninot Ma'am,
    You make your appearance after some while and here comes another gem.

  3. Mon plus cher amis,
    Merci beaucoup pour ton belle mots.

    I still feel wobbly in my attempts at poetry. But I guess, as long as I put pen to paper long enough, often enough, I will feel it seep into my very veins once again.

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

  4. This is truly glorious - beautiful, Ninot.

  5. Beautiful, mysterious, magical. Your words are touching!

  6. "For I am merely
    The enchantress of magical words

    Come to do your bidding..."

    I'd like to be an apprentice in your quest for Wonder(worded)land!

  7. Dear Arian,
    Wordsmith. Wizard. Poetmaster.

    An apprentice. Never.

    I'd accept applications for teacher, partner or honoured visitor anytime...

    E O M W


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