A break

Dear friends,

It has been a lovely experience, renewing acquaintances and meeting new friends over the poetry blogosphere. The year 2013 was predicted to be a busy and hopefully fruitful year for those under the Snake sign of the Chinese Calendar.

Well, it looks like I have a bit more than I can chew at the moment. I am currently working on two books entitled SITI and RATU which I hope to finish by September this year. At the same time, I must finish Inheritance From The Garden, a book I am co-writing with a dear friend and longstanding expert on gardening, Mr Lam Peng Sam.  In June, I will also be attending the International Congress of Asian Folklores in Indonesia and hope to deliver a paper on NAGA.

I will  be working with my international publisher XLibris in the coming months to promote NAGA on a more aggressive nature. And with my local publisher Utusan Publishers to finish my latest anthology of Asian legends and folklores, 366 Legends of Asia.

And that covers  my partime hobby - writing!

Professionally, I run TiE Malaysia, an NGO that promotes entrepreneurship in Malaysia. We work with the government on coaching young start-ups and hope to match them with Angel investors to take their businesses to the next level. Our programs are going into high gear next month.

Well, that covers my professional life.

I have also decided to go back to school! I will be doing my thesis  for my Masters in Malay Lit this year.

I thank God everyday for my beautiful family and my five daughters, not to mention husband and best friend, and three lovely Siamese cats all of whom requires my devoted attention.

So I am taking a break. I look forward to peep and have a look at how all of you are doing form time to time. But just in case you were wondering, at least you know why I suddenly disappeared - for a while.



three friends

love takes free flight
downward spiral, high tail
fear, anger, a validity


written for magpie tales

Hands touch

a miracle
of laughter and light
heart turns at every breathe she takes
my life

from faraway
another time and place
arrived late, it was truly fate

hands touch
moment captured
the whole world disappears
is this my serendipity
joy luck

my life. timely. joy luck.

ma fille
à sa naissance
oui, le monde disparaît
mon sérendipité, le mien
ma vie

words by ninotaziz. all rights reserved


I reread a letter my mother sent to me when I was eighteen today.
A poem dedicated to mothers and daughters
For dVerse, hosted by Tony Maude and Poets United

Les chansons d'autrefois

the songs from long ago
a moment in time

dredge up a plethora
of emotions, unbeckoned

an era, long gone
its mistakes linger over the Rideau

its sweetness, unbearable.


les chansons d'autrefois
très intime, pourquoi
le soleil est si froid

je pleure un peu, par le Rideau

words by ninotaziz. all rights reserved.

A few days ago, Gretchen reminded us of the power of music to influence our innermost thoughts.

This is what I felt listening to Rainbow's Street of Dreams and Led Zeppelin's All of My Love over the last few days in my head. My staple music back then  - Scorpion, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, and Depeche Mode. And Eurythmics. With momentary enrapture over Eight Seconds, Level 42, Pet Shop Boys and yes - Duran Duran.

For dVerse's Open Link Night.

After visiting Bjorn's Vampire Night, I am shocked I forgot to include Sting right at the top of the list.

Playing Mad Libs with Sherry Blue Sky

Safe and in seclusion
the life of the elusive llama
like monks in the mountains

we ponder

meditate upon
so much destruction
time to  reflect

is to forgive enough?

the beautiful life
inspiring humanity


gratitude resides
in the corner 
of my heart

no longer in retreat

Words by Sherry and ninotaziz


Brian, I answered your call over at dVerse.

Sherry over at Stardreaming with Sherry Blue Sky and on the hardworking team of Poets United is convalenscing from surgery. But she responded to my call of words. Do drop by her blog to cheer her up. Actually, she most likely will end up cheering you. That's just the kind of person she is!

Her words for me
Llama , monk 
Meditate , reflect , forgive 
Beautiful, transcendent, inspiring
Corner,  retreat

Sherry in Canada, me in Malaysia  - now that's a cross Pacific collaboration, for sure!

Childhood Place

I am an island girl
For wherever I put
My two feet on the earth
I am surrounded by water

And my spirit is free...

ninot, 10th September 1991

On the rooftops
Dreams soar
Across time
Through unknown doors

I see a cat
In a forgotten town
Why is he sad
Why does he frown

My hand reaches out
In it, a fiddle
Do not doubt
Fantasy's miracle

My cat smiles
He dances a tune
After a while
He sings to the moon...

ninot, 10th august 1991

A song from my childhood
Flirts around with me
And little does it know
It hurts terribly...

ninot, 10th June 1988

I vaguely remember curtains with Degas ballerinas
in my childhood...but how can that be?

words by ninotaziz. all rights reserved


These are mymemories from my childhood in Hobart, Tasmania.

Old old poems - yes I have been writing for so long, I have poetry 20 to 30 years old. I am no longer that girl whose dreams soar through unknown doors. Or, am I?

Thank you Pamela for the prompt at dVerse that took me back in time and Tess Kincaid at Magpietales who reminds me of the beaches of my childhood. 


The night is borderless

the night is borderless,  I give myself
to the moment, of truth, of love, of joy
my ledger is poor but I know real wealth
the sunbreak appears, there is no void
and my cup of happiness overflows
I embrace the real life,  not the decoy
the evening wanes, there is no more sorrow
for both the bitter and sweet make me whole
I await the promise of tomorrow
for I have learnt to love body and soul
to be thankful for family, for health
and how love brings me into its true fold
the night is borderless, I give myself
to the moment  - and accept nothing less.

la nuit est sans frontière
et je me donne du bonheur
words by ninotaziz. all rights reserved
an ode to a moment of joy

Wow, I had this ready and was waiting for Brian's OLN link to come up on dVerse. I missed my 5.00am writing hour this morning and bang – there’s 110 poems posted! Anyway, I am writing about the joy of having come halfway through life – mundane stuff – that really turned out to be the best thing for me as a woman, a writer, a mother, daughter, a wife, an ex-wife, sister,  a friend, a sisterhood, corporate figure – and now back to being a student (doing my Masters in Malay Lit)!

I love being a woman, and hope our daughters achieve all their dreams and more.

Heritage is too precious, and I do my best to leave something behind.
Don’t we all….

And dear Kim, what serendipity. I hope you see this - The Cure is


Living the life we have with passion.


Locust swarm

pharaohs fade away
locusts, unchecked, ride the breeze
swarm to rule the land
words by ninotaziz. All rights reserved


The Fox and The Raven

Drenched. Tears washed away
the faint memory of rain
insidious -


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