The downfall of Malacca

Unending summer
Long ago admirals marched
Endless siege

The only way
To conquer the city gates
The bridge must fall

Warriors divide
20,000 fell, more came
From the river

The drawbridge
Held the key to glory
To downfall

Waterways so conquered
was no more


Onangkiu's blue moon

Onangkiu, the ancient princess of Gellangui called to her father
Her mother, her ancestors - all was lost. Beloved country razed to the ground
Anguish seeped deep into the motherland

Ancient eyes
Looking to the skies
Chilled bones die

Strength from within grew stronger as the blue moon appeared. Moon spiced
thrill ran up and down her spine, giving the chills. Her awakening was a wonder
to behold in the brilliant spotlight under the stars, amidst ancient forest

Starry eyes
Cold splendour at night
Blue moon sighs

Her ceremonial coming of age rites gave her the luminous spark of life
She turned away from the sun forever and embraced the night. The princess
became the prophetess, the queen of the new ages
Lovers' eyes
Stars at sea guides
her journey
They went to her for news, for life, for medicine. They came for hope
She held out her hand, come my people - do not despair, I shall live
So, she lived by the light of the blue moon, in a new land - Queen!

Copyright 2012 (c) ninotaziz


Trevor in Siena

Trevor in Siena

My friend is traveling
Back in time, he is lost 
within Siena's bluest skies

I think he is walking
on streets of old Siena
admiring old frescoes

I imagine him listening
to the classical music he loves
as centuries disappear

He is drinking 
in the sights of ancient Rome
I hope he remembers

To come home...


Big Room, 1948, by Andrew Wyeth

Rooms of memories
Cast shadows
of doubts that linger
long after 


Rooms of antics
Cling to yesterdays
Refusal to let go
long after 


Rooms of winter
Chills the withering
Heart that goes on
long after



For the Magpietales

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin 
Rudy, Ninot
Iman, Inas, Irani, Ilena

with our official message by Little Ikesha


the curvaceous bottles
memories flooded
the alcoves of my mind
a narrow closet
 lace from the past
slowly dwindles away
from maps of recognition
long forgotten
summer plays
of imagined


Insignificant, suppressed
I hid away in my shell
of emancipation

and emerged.

For the magpietales

my life in books


I am reading,
make that rereading
schindler's list


i do remember
a long time ago, reading
peter and jane


after week, fairytales
enid blyton favorites
nancy drew mysteries


me endlessly,
the old curiosity shop
lovely agatha christie


hikayat malim deman
awang sulong merah muda
hikayat panji semirang


curtain drapes that hid me
as i devoured the tale of


lady white snake beckoned
as did ramayana
and che siti wan kembang


wuthering heights moved
mill on the floss
off the pedestal for me


after anna karenina, I settled
down to touch not the cat
and cave of the clan bear


the slow pace killed me
bourne was pure excitement
nostradamus was genius


the day I found dune
 a whole universe revealed
I fell in love


dragon lance series
lord of the rings
servant of the bones


lessons brought tin tin
une vie et cyrano
c'est merveilleux


arrived to bring me back 
to noddy and  egyptian lores
harold and the purple crayon


me to harry potter
hunger games
and more inkspell


The violin

Snowflakes fall and melt
Last notes of the violin
Do fade away -

flocons de neige
la musique du violon

I was never good at haiku, the rules being very exacting. So, when Chevrefeuille's weekly Tackle It Tuesday was about Back To Basics, I thought it would be a good time to try my skill at proper Haiku.  

Portrait by starlight

A Dinner Table at Night, 1884, John Singer Sargent

There was a time
While stars danced the summer nights
I sat drinking music

Touched not fine cuisine
From the bar, the violin
played my sombre mood

Seasons passed slowly
And I began to smile
When they played on

I was alive, I knew
Grief had passed me  by
Winter was over

For love had found me
Gave me lilting music within
And starry nights

L'amour m'a trouvé
 Il m'a donné la musique
nuits étoilé

Copyright 2012 © ninotaziz
All rights reserved

Adventure, life, heart


The pebbled road is the easiest
As you enjoy the picturesque
scenery that unfolds

It does not really touch you

But the journey of life
That runs its course in our very homes
is the longest -  most painful of all

It does not really cut you

And yet the scars remain forever
entrenched in our hearts, the words that
sears deep within, unretractable

It does not really leave you - ever

These three roads
lessons from our adventures, life, heart
shape our true north

A rock - unshakeable

Mon nord vrai

Ces trois routes
Leçons de notre aventure, la vie, le cœur
Façonner notre nord vrai

Une pierre - immobile

For Thursday Think Tank
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