Japan was alien to me
Until I met Yumiko
And while the sea
and years separate us

I never let her go

She told me once, Ninot
How beautiful your city is
Smiles so genuine
Overshine that of Paris

The lights of Champs Elysees

I took her to our streets
In my little rackety car
She had durian, then KFC
While we watched Cyrano de Bergerac

Oh we were young!

And when the earthquake
Turned tsunami turned nuke
I called Yumiko anxiously
To offer sanctuary

If she needed to flee to safety

And yet when she answered the phone
As cheery as can be
She will take care of herself, she said
And told me not to worry

I cry for Yumiko

For her strength, for her smile, for her beauty


For Poets United Thursday Think Tank.

I first met Yumiko in 1991. She is now married to Katsu-chan.
I pray for their safety and I wish the people of Japan
some of the things we all take for granted

h o p e a g o o d n i g h t s l e e p p e a c e

Poets United Anthology


Congratulations Robert and thank you for such a wonderful anthology.

You continue to inspire us with your dedication.


Friends, I am lucky that my work is included in this anthology. Check out page 12.


my favorite ghost
for three decades
my innermost thoughts
she sometimes invade

she came from the wild
and tempestuous lands
i borrowed her from
bronte's sure hand

tortured soul she was
and tragically romantic
fell in love with force
with revengeful heathcliff

let me in...let me in...

I haven't written a decent poem in weeks, consumed by my book of legends.
This poem is written for the Thursday Think Tank

I smell of white paint

I was deep in Jataka tales
And Tibetan folklore
Wondered at the Mongolian Badarcin
I couldn't take it anymore

And so I painted my kitchen doors!


Sorry friends. I just have to finish this book of Asian legends!
Everything else is put on hold...
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