To the desert man
Nothing is more incomprehensible
Than the fear of drowning

In a vast ocean of water

He would rather stay grounded
On the shore
And retain his sanity

Than flee to safety.


Tribute to Frank Herbert's Dune
Courtesy of Magpie Tales

Copyright © 2011 ninotaziz. All rights reserved.


  1. Ninot Ma'am,
    Yes, in life we have to decide for ourselves what is in store and what is best under the circumstances! Beautiful Magpie!


  2. that is a beauty!!!!.... the desert delight... the sea swaying... safety and sanity is serious...

  3. This is amazing ... I've read it several times and will return to read it again. So deep, full of insight ... staying grounded is good.

  4. we can get so stuck in our ways...in our safety zones...they can kill us...

    great to see you tonight

  5. Dear Sir Hank,
    What is best under circumstances and moment in time signifies our strongest and weakest assets of being human. Of course our life's course and humanity's history would be different if we had 20/20 foresight.

  6. Dear Apple Pie,

    Thank you for dropping by. Really enjoyed my tour of your blog - but I could not find you. And yet I found Georgia O’Keefe's Wave. I love her Calla Lilies. She must be the most sensual of artists.

    Nice to know you.

  7. Dear dear Helen,
    Bless you for taking the time to reread the poem. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Dear Brian,
    Yes, safety zones. I am thinking about it a lot nowdays.

    Gtreat to see you too.

  9. Thank you Anthony. It is so good of you to drop by.

  10. Excellent - the view from the shore.

  11. What a great response to the prompt! Love the opening lines especially!

  12. Dear Isabel,
    This prompt draws us to reflect on our choices, doesn't it? Given the great expanse of space...

  13. Thank you Sherry. The prompt immediately reminded me of Frank Herbert's Dune...one of my favourite alltime reads.

  14. Being grounded on the shore sounds good to me.

  15. This is so utterly thought provoking Ninotaziz....brilliant! :-)

  16. Dear Martin,
    I always try to visit first before I reply comments. And when I found yours, I was very gratified to understand and renmember, that with human emotions, it is possible to find beauty even in tragic loss. Thanks you for making your way here.

  17. Carrie dearest,
    I was over at your post and your offering was cause for deep thoughts. Seriously thinking about new directions. Every year I think about living on writing and translation work. But I guess the leap of faith is not quite there yet.

  18. Dear Tess,
    Now that I think of it, maybe I am the man on the shore, thinking about whether I should leap on board and row away into the horizon or stay where i am comfortably stuck in the sand!

  19. Unusual, and creative, way of interpreting the prompt...

  20. Thank you Berowne,
    I am always glad to see you here.


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