When I was an old woman turning older, I met you and the clock turned back for me. It was surreal but like the sun interrupting a cloudy day, you burst upon my loneliness. And I embraced myself like never before. Ever.

Sundancer, we tiptoed
Then threw caution
To the summer winds - Aha!

I was lost in an avalanche of emotions. And the wonder of your love and patience reigned over me.

Like autumn leaves
Your words and deeds
Healed me into acceptance

So now I know love. Real love. The kind that has deepened with time. Sparked by passion. Survived battles. Strengthened by forgiveness. Sailed into the night.

I drown in you
Winter is no longer cold
The fire burns bright

And I am no longer afraid. For I have known what it is like to be truly loved. No one can take that away from me. The greatest tragedy would be to forget.

But in this light
Of springtime dizziness
Love is in the air

And I smile the secret smile of Mona Lisa.


  1. Oh this is so lovely. It lifts my heart to know such love exists. Wonderful, Nino!

  2. Thank you Sherry. I am very lucky. But even I know that love is hard work.

  3. Ninot Ma'am
    How very nice. There's no time frame. Love exists for the now and the 'morrow. And strangely though, not many could savour the way you did. It's beautiful!

  4. Beautifully written! Sometimes it is hard to share deep feelings with another. As you say, "I was lost in an avalance of emotions."
    Love can be timeless.

  5. interesting haiku :) and the confession spread over the haibun was good too.

  6. Great confession and haiku. Artfully done.

  7. Beautifully written tale!

  8. This is beautiful. I love the haiku as part of the story, and the seasonal dimension you gave it.

  9. This is very beautifully developed... secret smile of Monalisa.. wrapped it very well..

    I am here:

  10. This is good to hear and to know at my age. smiles..

  11. Love is timeless, ageless & can renew a battered soul. I believe in love.

    Beautiful & I love your ending...she definitely has a lover's smile.

    I'm here:
    Moments In The Sun

  12. Well done ... true love is an awesome treasure to divulge by confession!

  13. Dear Sir Hanks,
    Thank you. This is a poem - truly from the heart.Rudy is shy sometimes but I can't help it...

    Dear Renee,
    You said it - Love can be timeless.

    Dear Leo,
    Tumbleweeds introduced many of us to Haibun sometime last year. I feel it is a beautiful form of poetry - quite unique too. I have half the mind to try this on pantun, combining prose and pantun, should be interesting.

  14. Lola and Birgitta,
    Glad to make your acquaintance! Thank you.

    Hi AG Moore,
    Thank you!

    Dear Otterblossom
    Your blog is one of the most serene I have visited. Thank you.

  15. Dear Michael of Booguloo,
    At any age. Believe and go for it!

  16. Dear Andy,
    Yes she does.

    Hi Becca,
    Loved your confession. Uplifting!

  17. i love the seasons of your haiku...beautiful ~

    also i must point that you did well in providing contrasting emotions or colours in your haiku... this is to me what makes a haiku challenging ~

    nice to meet you~

  18. this is such a fun take. love it!

  19. this is very beautifully penned..

    Someone is Special


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