Two thieves and a Wrought Iron Table

They took away
My treasured table
But that is all

For the memories
Of garden tea parties
And quiet soiree

Shall be forever mine
As such, this rude intrusion
Is trivial and remain

A reminder for vigilance


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  1. Love the title...teens...they do that here as well. Your poem is a gem.

  2. I agree the title is awesome....and yes teens can run a muck....glad you all are okay. I had been having posting comment issues with my account Robb helped me with it and I am back and running again. I had tried to comment many places including yours and was unable to. :-(
    Thank you for your wonderful encouragment over at my blog are a lovely and dear friend. :-)

  3. Dear Robb,
    I just hope they do not turn up again. The police has stepped up their rounds in our area. And says hello to my poor maid every morning. But, what a be in the prime of life and go downhill.

    Dear Carrie,
    Glad to have you back. I wish someone could tell me what happened to Susan over at Stony River though...after the storm, she had been off-line for three months!


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