Sailing to Glendorra

Hold my hand, Eva
And never let me go
Whisper in my ear, forever
How you love me so...

But the boats to Glendorra
Are sailing tonight my dear
Listen how the wind calls
Listen to my unspoken fears

Your wings, barely mortal
Your heartbeat next to mine
Charts our lonely existance
As your days measure my lifetime

I long to sail with you, I must
To the land of elven lore
But my hands would turn to dust
While yours, smooth forever more

And yet I would choose my path
Live a life on the journey
Gaze at stars, twinkling above
As the world listens to me

Singing on the boat to Glendorra...

Pour Glendorra

Je choisirais mon chemin
Vivre une vie sur le trajet
Aimez étoiles, un clin-dessus
Alors que le monde m'écoute

Chanter sur le bateau pour Glendorra

Mencari Glendorra

Ku belayar tinggi di awan
Pelayaran hidupku tersendiri
Ditemani bintang berkelipan
Dengarlah rintihanku ini

Berlayar mencari Glendorra


Written for the Magpie Tales and OneShotPoetry

Anak Raja Gondang

Once upon a time
On an island in the sun
A king, strong and kind
Awaited the birth of his son

His joy, unbridled

His happiness turned to fury
When not a babe was born
But a giant shell it appeared to be
From the queen's womb torn

Weakened and tormented

The queen was banished
None dared whisper her name
She in despair journeyed
Far to hide her shame

Her fall from grace

One day, out of the shell
A prince so handsome
Stood up strong and well
To bid his mother welcome

When she returned from toil

Mother, he said gently
I am your true son
The Conch Shell Prince
Here to right all wrong

She cried tears of happiness

And the prince walked away
After promising to return
His mother looked out everyday
Far out to the horizon

For his boyish smile...

Anak Raja Gondang

Di suatu zaman dahulu
Segak berdiri Duli Tuanku
Putera yang ditunggu
Bakal lahir menanti waktu

Alangkah hiba dan malu
Seluruh istana rawan dan pilu
Permaisuri diam dan kelu
Melahirkan gondang yang satu

Raja murka yang teramat
Permaisuri di halau di laknat
Terseksa jiwa terasa berat
Lemah nyawa hilang semangat

Gondang dibawa lari
Kehidupan baru dicari
Sehingga masa berlalu pergi
Istana tiada diingat lagi

Satu hari, terbelah gondang
Timbul putera terbilang
Menghibur hati ibu tersayang
Hingga tiba waktu balasan

Tinggallah ibu sementara waktu
Putera ingin mengadap Tuanku
Membela nasib derita ibu
Tiada gunanya hidup begitu

Saban hari ibu menunggu
Pulangnya putera yang satu
Di cari warta di awan biru
Di lautan dalam, di tasik bayu

Anak Raja Gondang...


Written for the Magpie Tales

Two thieves and a Wrought Iron Table

They took away
My treasured table
But that is all

For the memories
Of garden tea parties
And quiet soiree

Shall be forever mine
As such, this rude intrusion
Is trivial and remain

A reminder for vigilance


The full story

The Garden

After toil of the sweetest kind
I wish to rest my burnt out mind
And draw refuge for a while
From the simpler things in life

The white speckled orchids' scent
And all kinds of jasmines in my garden
Kasidang in the corner heaven sent
This is my private haven

Gamelan on you-tube beguiling
My scented bath - reviving
This is my slow awakening
Here, my passion for life igniting

The secrets of my garden beckon
My very own apothecary
The call of the ancient YlangYlang
A night cap of Earl Grey and Cadbury

I drown in the dreams of the pomegranate
Spice induced languid embrace
Night falls yet morning awaits
Here comes the rain for another day

And I sleep...oh how I sleep...
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