Magpie #29

Oh! How sweet her laughter
Escaping the window pane
Pitter patter – there her daughter
Playing her Ipad game

Lights and shadows, side by side
Alive and full of electric thoughts
Their emotions like neon signs
Their intent often come to naught

Because humans think all the time
And for all wishes to come true
No space will be left for even a dime
No time to behold even a fine view

For many months only silence
Came from those wide open doors
The wintry breeze invited her in
She saw her babies lonely and forlorn

She softly sang their favourite lullabies
And lulled them to sleep so gently
Their father, she held him close when he cried
And kept his heart safe from breaking

By and by, they got through pain
A smile accompanied their remembrance
They began to live their life again
While they cherished and kept her garden

In the shadows, she is a whispery existence
From her favorite spot - she waits
Watching over their lives from the garden
Until they all leave this well trodden gate

Until then, she waits...
Until then, she watches...

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  1. Lovely ghostly read...may she always watch over them with such love...bkm

  2. Thanks bkm. A mother's love transcends all...

  3. Rather a sad poem so I was glad to read that they kept the garden.

  4. You created a great atmosphere in this.

  5. Dear Christine, Anthony and Sue,
    Thanks for being here. I loved your houses Christine and Sue. And Anthony, yours sounded terribly lonely.

  6. Ninotaziz - what I enjoy most about the Magpie Tales are what we all see and take out of the prompt. This is such a sad post but actually quite positive at the same time.

  7. Thanks MadameButterfly. It is kind of positive, isn't it?

  8. Ninotaziz I just love this is so full of the power of love! It is a beautiful poem indeed! :-)

  9. Beautiful, poignant piece. I'm glad happiness returned.

  10. ..she held him close when he cried
    Oh that's heartbreaking in itself
    I agree, what atmosphere you hve created
    another woderful Magpie

  11. this can be archived in dysney's list of fairy tales.. the heroine is just lovely all throughout.

  12. I am so sad,
    How can a sweet little cottage provoke such sad thoughts.

  13. What a beautiful magpie. I see her watching...I see her waiting...and it makes me sad.

  14. I like the poem and the feelings it invokes, but find something a bit brooding at the end, not exactly sad, but deeper than that. Great job with the prompt,


  15. Excellently written! Very atmospheric magpie! =)


  16. "...and kept his heart safe from breaking....." A lovely tender poem, full of a mother's love, of life's pain, and also of the comfort and tenderness a wife and mother holds her family in, as she notes and sees to every need. Beautiful! I loved every line.

  17. Beautiful and dark. Elements essential to life. I agree with Sherry Blue Sky, I love all of the lines.

  18. A touch of melancholy and a sense of strong and poignant love make this a beautiful read!

  19. A bittersweet poem... Nicely written...

  20. Dearest Carrie,
    That's it! Yes - it was the power of love that moved me. It was written initially in the first person. Then I felt - that wouldn't do at all...and changed it.

    Dear Willow,
    Yes in a strange way, a measure of happiness returned.

    Dear Suz,
    Thank you. That is one of my favourite lines...

    Thank you Arian. For me it was more the living and the house. Thank you for reminding me of the gentle ghost.

    Dear Friko ,
    Willow gave aus a great prompt indeed!

    Yes TALON,
    It is a little bit sad...will they forget her?

    Thank you Elizabeth. I Love your dragon! And the wonderful apple garden!

    Dear Weasel,
    Thank you!

    Dear Sherry...
    "...and kept his heart safe from breaking....." My favourite line too. Thank you for noticing that she sees to every need.

  21. Very touching poetry. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  22. Ditto, Carmen. Especially your blue post recently. The eggs were a brilliant shade of blue!

  23. a rather chilling read...watching and waiting there in the garden...shivers. nice magpie....

  24. Nice Magpie, very touching and melancholy.

  25. I was lost in this magpie and personally touched. My mother died ten years ago and her former home is in the same town where I live. I recently took a walk to her neighborhood and walked slowly in front of her house. A favorite tree brought memories and I took one fleshy leaf from it, brought it home, and pressed it in wax paper between two books. As your poem notices, she noticed...

  26. Dear Lydia,
    I am hopeful that you found some solace in this poem. And if you felt something deep inside, I am blessed.

    Thank you for dropping by and I am glad to have met you here...

  27. Dear Brian,
    Great to see you here, thanks for your feedback. Cheers!

  28. Dear Angela,
    I spent some time looking at your lovely photos but somehow could not leave a message.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  29. ah- that;s my mother! Lovely poem.

  30. I loved the "electric thoughts"


  31. This was such a sad and beautiful poem... I almost cried on reading those last 2 lines...
    It played CLEARLY so clearly in my head.. liked a movie!

    From happy to sad to memories back to happy... and it goes on...

  32. I am so very late reading these wonderful Magpies ..... yours is stunning.

  33. lovely ghost story. very touching.

  34. Mystical. Moving, poignant and just lovely. I like the tenderness very much.

  35. If only they knew she was watching...


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