The eyes of a writer

I often imagine
When Agatha Christie
wrote her famous murders
she saw clearly detailed scenes
through Poirot's own eyes
And the book wrote the author

When she penned Nemesis
And thought of justice
like waters of righteousness
Of an everlasting stream
I am sure she saw all this
In Miss Marple's dream

The Mysterious Mr Quin's twinkling
hazel blue and grey
Gave sight to Christie's eyes
One never knew how they
kept Mr Satterwhite at the edge
of doldrums and delirious delight

Ahhhh, the roman policier of her day...

This is my entry for The Thursday Think Tank prompt # 10 hosted by Poets United
For further reflections on the inner eye, visit here over at my main blog - ninotaziz.


  1. It would be fascinating to talk to Madame Christie.

  2. Oh yes Nessa, I have often thought that too!

  3. A wonderful tribute to an excellent author. Great post!

    -Weasel =)

  4. Thank you Weasel. I believe this is your first visit here. Great to have you!

  5. Wonderfully creative writing! Such a beautiful blog. If you are from Tasmania, Australia, I love it there....

  6. You've got me thinking about Agatha Christie. Well written to prompt!

  7. Beautiful piece on the wise and mysterious Ms. Christie! And wonderful photos to illustrate it...

  8. Fantastic post........I have not read Agatha Christie, but loved a look through her eyes, with perfect photos to help the mood along. Great job.

  9. Yes, Mary... I was born in Tasmania.
    But only stayed til I was six years old. Thank you for the visit!

    Dear Diane,
    I have loved Agatha Christie since I was a child. Have a great weekend - maybe reading Death On The Nile?

    Lynette dear,
    Love your Canada too. Isn't it a beautiful country? Hope to see more often here. Take care.

    Thanks Sherry for dropping by. Have a good weekend and take care always. Hope everything goes well with the doctor. Cheers!

  10. Ninotaziz this is awesome! I just love the line,"the book wrote the author". I lovely tribute to Agatha Christie as well. A wonderful take on the prompt! I love it! :-)

  11. Dear Carrie, I just visited yours and then I found your comment here! Glad you liked my poem on Agatha's eyes. Have a great weekend!


    two awards on the bottom for you,
    the most creative blogger award,
    u r a rare friend award....

  13. Dearest dearest Jingle,
    Thank you so much! I will pop over asap!

  14. Oh what a beautiful and intelligent poetry. I believe all poetry is intelligent but this one is exceptional, a writer seeing through the eyes of another writer.

    I think I have read one or two of Agatha Christie's. Scones and teas come to mind.

  15. Dear Aishah,
    How lovely to see you here. Yes, scones and teas come to mind. Especially in her book Betrams Hotel.

    Oohh, until today I can hide myself in an Agatha Christie's book.

    My kids? They read the likes of Harry Potter, Paolini,C Funke...but I am glad they do read classics like Austen, Bronte, C S Lewis, Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton(becaause my old books are still on our shelves). Hikayat and fairy tales from all over the world!

  16. ninotaziz,
    An excellent theme for the poetry prompt.
    Eyes, can see all, or nothing!

    Best wishes,

  17. Dear Eileen,
    I enjoyed your unique take on the prompt as well!
    Thanks for coming again...

  18. Hi nino, I really like your poem, it has a great structure and flow to it. I played Giles in The Mousetrap at a local playhouse years ago, what a writer she was.

  19. Dear RCH,
    Thanks for being here.

    Aaahhh, to have acted in The Mousetrap - the longest running play ever. Living Christie's lines instead of reading it.

    I really liked your poem TEST.

    Solid words dancing together to create a song!


    visit three friends,
    get three awards...
    Would you help please?


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