Behold the last drop

Imagine this beauty to be
The last drop of water on earth
Dried up are all the seas
Pent up are the clouds above

Dunes across the continents
Deserts stretched to the poles
Humans long forgotten
Encased as fossils below

Along came two aliens
Who studied the world's history
"There was once water and gardens...
Then it all dried up mysteriously."

For the aliens could not comprehend
That humans could be so ignorant
As to destroy life's precious element
And thus the life's cycle ends

- self annihilation...

Copyright 2010 © ninotaziz.
All rights reserved.


Written for the Thursday Think Tank - over at Poets United


  1. Ninotaziz i just love this one, and the title is perfect! Your passion for writing is so evident in your beautiful poetry. There are so many serious concerns and thoughts here in this piece. And the picture is amazing. :-)

  2. Beautifully and poignantly said! How have we allowed ourselves to come this close to the eventuality your poem suggests? Choosing water as a prompt was a wonderful've made us think of what we take for granted in a whole new way, as indeed we must if
    we're to stem the tide of wastefulness. Thanks for this...


  3. I love this poem it illustrates a concept I have thought about many times ... thanks for a great prompt!

  4. Well, of course I identify with this poem!!!!:) SO well done, so effective - I love the idea of two aliens walking along shaking their heads at the un-advanced civilisation that once lived here and desecrated its Eden. What a fantastically effective poem. And thank you for the prompt, which was a great one - you even made it rain over here for the first time in months:)

  5. Beautifully written! Thank you for an awesome prompt!

    -Weasel =)

  6. love the poem and the meaning rings true! great job!

  7. Thanks for this prompt idea, and thanks for this poem. Nice job. I'm Square Corner. My blog friends call me SC.

  8. Your poem is beautifully stated. It makes a strong point, one worth contemplating. Really we have taken water for granted too long. Very good prompt!

  9. One definitely hopes this never happens, that we humans get our act together in regard to our valuable resources soon!

  10. oh, no! the feeling of that beauty being the last drop felt awful ! yes! we have to be careful!

  11. so true and to the point... somehow I believe..that this is what happen to Mars...hopefully we learn before it is to late...nice write...bkm

  12. Very nice poem. Makes one think about things we should always be thinking about.

  13. My dearest blogging friends,
    Thank you for your kind comments and feedback. I tend to agree with bkm that something of this nature happened on MARS.

    We do have to do something about this, even if it is just changing our children's mindset. I tell my children all the time, the water is not enough to go around and we have to save.

    I feel terribly guilty when I have a bath. So we use the shower most of the time. But when I do indulge, I make it worthwhile, boiling 7 leaves and herbs as taught by my grandma - a most satisfying and luxurious soak to eliminate all stress...After all, water brings on rejuvenation - of the mind and body. I really believe that.

    Back to the waters of life, I am glad you enjoyed the prompt and see you soon!

  14. This is great writing and could some day actually happen. The key word will that someday we the people will be described as ignorant. I found your blog on Everyday Goddess. Congratulations of the POTW on her blog.

  15. Love this piece. So serious, so thoughtful, and so easy to read, maybe that's a wonderful way to slip "it" in, without pounding.....?

  16. hm - strange - i thought i have commented on this one already…this is beautiful written -and we are indeed such ignorant people

  17. I came back to give these awesome awards! =)


  18. Some things are lovely....and yet send shivvers down your spine. Beauty and fear...entwined.

  19. This is frightening and beautiful! I hope we can smart enough to not allow this to be a prediction!
    Your words paint the imagery, very well!!

  20. Thanks for the prompt and this piece to reflect these days and times it seems like self annihilation could be a self fulfilling prophecy if folks don't change the way they relate to Mother Earth...

  21. After all of the above comments its hard to say much more than yes, yes, and yes! Loved the prompt, but especially your poem. I think you are one of the furred-coat kind I wrote about in my piece. Thank you,



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