My Merdeka

Our flag flies proud
In this corner of my garden
This - my prayer aloud
For our country of abundance

Memories of friendship
A beautiful life
Conscience and stewardship
Responsibilities and rights

Through thick and thin
We swim together
The true hearts win
Malaysia forever


Today, Malaysia celebrates her 53rd Independence Day. However, for me, my country is ancient, witnessed the birth of the oldest rain-forest, and the seas teeming with life millions of years ago. And the beautiful people who make up this Eden of ours have their roots from all over the continent and beyond.


  1. Happy Independence day! Guess we are neighbor =3~
    Glad to be here and it is a wonderful read, thank for sharing^^

  2. Reading through you remind me of all the blessing bestowed upon us Malaysians. May we be given guidance to take care of our country of abundance.. may our sense to preserve the beauty prevails...

  3. An enjoyable read! Thanks for sharing! =)


  4. Ninotaziz this is inspiring and beautiful...thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. beautiful
    and blessings
    to your country

  6. Happy Independence day!!! Awesome writing xx

  7. Happy Independent day.
    incredible poem!


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