One winter in Ottawa
Suzie skated on the Rideau

Caught in brambles
She was lost for hours

When she was found
Mother's relief was profound

Except for two little toes
Shrivelled like rotten tomatoes

Throughout her childhood
Teased by the neighbourhood

Suzie Frost...

So today, Suzie only feels beautiful
In a bathtub full of bubbles...

The Magpie tales, hosted by Willow - a beautiful place to be


  1. Your Magpies are always so charming and unique. This one's perfect. (My little toes are missing in the photo! I hadn't noticed. Not because of frostbite, though.)

  2. Sounds like you didn't have much fun writing it, but it's very enjoyable to read! Way to play up on something that others probably wouldn't have even noticed. (That you can't see the pinkie toes)

  3. Ninotaziz i love how you take a prompt and go down a different road and make it all your own. This one is no exception...i love it...the ending is perfect. :-)

  4. It may be macabre ninotaziz,but it's certainly very creative. I really enjoyed reading this. :-)

    Nice to see you on my blog too. Thank you for your kind comments.


  5. Reading through
    the word macabre came to my mind..
    then at the end you feel beautiful..
    just that.. beautiful

  6. Oh, that is so sad! Someone moved in our hospice home today who has lost all his toes to frostbite during the second world war. I do like your poems, quite a lot!

  7. Dear Willow,
    If only you knew how much your words mean to me. Thank you so much.

    Yes Violet,I was very uncomfortable writing this piece. But if it makes even one person feel something reading it, I am more than happy.

    Carrie, you are a brick! Thanks and same here, I love your inspirational words too.

    Dear Paul,
    The macabre always need creativity - something Maugham himself might have said ?

    I am glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks, Kristen !

    Dear Tumblewords,
    Yes, I enjoy twisting the tale once in a while...

    Thank you Ayoh Wang,
    I am glad you found it so...

    Dear Angie,
    Mine is fiction. Your story of that someone who lost all his toes to frostbite during the second world war is real and thus sadder.

  8. I wondered at the missing pinkies. Thanks for solving the mystery! so good!

  9. Dear Stafford,

    Thank you. I enjoyed your take too tremendously!

  10. Ninotaziz

    I enjoyed your poem - having spent most of my life in warmer climates the thought of frostbite is unbelievable.

  11. I like the fact that you went after what wasn't said in the image and gave it a voice. Wonderfully creative,


  12. Awesome! Wow, I'm all smiles because:
    a- we share the same background!
    b- I've finally found you after all the times you commented on my tales
    c- this story is about Ottawa! MY TOWN! And my new Magpie is about... OTTAWA! You may recognize it or not... looking forward to finding out!
    d- I miss the Rideau canal

  13. a very cute and beautiful tale.

  14. Ah, the mystery of the missing toes ... you solved it!

  15. Madame B,
    I can't imagine frostbite when the cold is already so biting. I used to experience -20 to 30 degrees in Ottawa during blizzards. Bbbrrrr....

    Dear Elizabeth
    I enjoyed your piece on self acceptance. Thank you for sharing...

    aaahhh, Miss Nikki,
    I left you a super long message. Sorry couldn't help it - was so excited reminiscing about Ottawa. One lovely city!

    MY TOWN! Lucky you! By the way what do you mean by - I miss the Rideau canal?

    Thanks Jingle! Have a great weekend!

    Helen said...
    Yup, the solution forced itself on me!

    Thanks Janice! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Lovely piece - you know I hadn't picked up on the missing toes!! Well written.

  17. Well done with minimal words.
    You're a great story teller.

  18. a whole story said in a matter of a few words. Excellent :)

  19. Dear Martin, Kathe and Marilyn,

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  20. Great magpie!

    mine won't be up until monday.

  21. great Mag..! a very unique take to this.. beautiful..


  22. I know about frostbite....came close myself...hate the cold your take on this prompt....Great Magpie..bkm

  23. Poor Suzie's little piggies; frozen in the Rideau ice. Nice pickup for this Magpie.

  24. aww. i do feel a bit sad for her and i imagine her to be beautiful and in need of someone to tell her. nice write!

    my magpie

  25. Dear Goddess,
    Looking forward to your magpie...

    Thank you Leo for dropping by and leaving your thoughts...

    Dearest bkm ...
    Hated the extreme cold myself. But miss the skating, and other stuff.
    Thanks, always.

    Dear rel...
    Many things frozen in the Rideau ice. Memories, the city's waste.

    Dear Brian Miller,
    Why yes, I never thought of that. She must be lovely too. Loved your take on the prompt.

  26. I like the story, the background, the little girl in Ottawa. beautiful and fully captivating, one of my faves i read of yours...i'm really big into story poems and this one hits the spot.

  27. Unfortunately, young children can be very cruel to each other. Beautifully written Magpie.


  28. Thanks Vicki!

    Thanks Patience. I love your comment!

    Dear Prayer Girl,
    Thank you for coming by. This is I believe your first time here. Liked your Magpie. Shows great compassion for those who have lost all hope.

    Do drop by again, as I will yours.

  29. Aww... that childhood story was so sad...
    But hot bubble baths make one forget the unpleasant past, and think of lovely warm things...
    Just Like MAGIC!!

    Very well written, Ninotaziz...
    It was a lovely read!!!

  30. So that explains it! Poor little toes. But everything is better in a bubble bath!


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