Doors to Eden

Magpie Tale # 25

"Then the light shall go out at the second siren...and the chosen shall find a new home."
The Book of Light

She rushed from door to door. She had exactly four minutes to find the right one. There were 634 doors left.

Suddenly - the perfect match. The doorknob and keyhole clicked and slid into position. Light emanated from the keyhole and then went dark. A key from within was inserted. The doorknob slowly turned.

The door opened and she held her breath. The brilliance was almost blinding. In that split second, she took the purest of breath deep into her lungs. The essence of virgin forest and deep oceans enveloped her. The air felt strangely alive. ‘Quick, my child,’ the Reverand Mother said, ‘Come in before the Lightseekers find you gone. Wait! Take the keyhole with you.’

Iman will be the last of the disciples to enter the lost Eden. As she closed the door behind her, she heard the sound of the second siren in the distance. The threshold of the 3D world collapsed. And all that was left outside the doors was emptiness.

Not even stars glittered in the void and black space.

This is a Magpie Tale. Weekly host Willow continues to draw poets from around the world to her wonderful poets' sanctuary.


  1. Very nice.. great suspense & expectation.. and my heartbeats went dub dub dub

  2. Ooo, weird, I like this a lot.

  3. Oh, how mysterious! Love this, and want more!

  4. Dear Saudara Wan Sharif,
    Dub dub dub - is that equivalent to pitter patter or closer to boom boom boom? Thank you for venturing to poetryland!

    Dear Patience,
    I simply love your blog...glad you like this magpie offering!

  5. Like a page from an interesting script.

  6. tense, 4 minutes, 634 doors...

    I admire your creativity here.
    beautiful magpie!

  7. Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for being here. I could not leave my comment on your page somehow - so I will leave it here in the hope you will catch this:

    I love the playful nature of your haiku which reminds me of the Mad Hatter somehow!

    Really unexpected - and yet works out excellently. Like a bonus in June!

    I am so so glad you dropped by.

    P/S I loved Toronto!

  8. Absolutely Brillant take --love it from the the thought of taking the keyhole with you....Great start....let us know what happened...bkm

  9. phheeewww.. this was refreshing!!
    So vivid and breathtakingly lovely! It was intense and yet calm...
    I wonder what happened after the darkness and void closed in on her...

  10. Thank you T&L. I would love to attempt a full length novella...

    Dear Jingle, I am glad you think so. It is actually my yearning for a beautiful earth and the desperate feeling that we are running out of time that inspires this post.

    Thanks bkm. I think I will.

    Dear Kavita,
    Well on the other side of the door, Iman found your rainbow...

  11. What a challenge - 643 doors. I couldn't have done it, at 65, I've slowed down considerably. Wonderful, exciting tale.

  12. Dear Kathew - thank you!

    RNSANE...65 is just another number. You seem to be having a wonderful whale of a time - Congratulations on your book!

    Have a lovely week ahead and here's to a marvellous weekend to both of you!

  13. Wow, chilling last line!! Great Magpie!

  14. This Magpie is beautifully told! :-)

  15. Dear Willow,

    I know I have said it before, but here goes - great Magpie Tales!

    Thank you Carrie - I do treasure your comments.

  16. Oh, I want more of this one (though it sounds complete). Wonderful magpie!
    Thank you so much for visiting my place and leaving a bit of yourself there.

  17. So very creative - a delicious read.

  18. The left over of over indulgence in the virtual world is the dark and void black space... Beautifuly written.

  19. Dear D S, Tumblewords and Surbi ,

    THANK YOU! Have a great weekend!


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