Microfiction 43

At the YMCA, in 1988
Stuck in the lift, I panicked
Some guy forced open the door
I climbed up the half-way floor

And waved Eddie goodbye..
Microfiction Mondays feature the shortest stories in tweetable 140 characters, or even fewer. Hosted weekly by Susan - it's a writers' playground! This week I offer a snippet from my past - how strange - Eddie Dolinski was his name, my knight in shining armour! He gave me his number but I never saw him again...


  1. But we never forget such people...
    Nice one

  2. What a shame yoe hu didn't keep in touch - maybe he's on facebook?

  3. a poem
    that rhythm,
    cute story.
    loved it.

  4. isn't the next line, "I love to stay at the YMCA?"

    Great Microfiction Monday!

  5. LOL SouthLakeMom!

    I loved this mircofiction. A great take on the picture.

  6. I hope the poor thing wasn't in the 'lift' (elevator) for too long with Eddie--that's how babies are made! LOL
    Good job.

  7. Wasn't this after the Village People ?? Perhaps Bobby Ray and Bobby Joe are enjoying their visit to New York.

  8. Dear swputh true!

    Dear Akelamalu,
    I will have to check him up. I forgot all about this for a very long time...until I saw this MFM prompt. The number he gave is still in my album of Alone in New York memories...

    Thanks Jingle, I am glad you liked it...

    Dear SouthLakesMom
    Actually, I was terrified at first - all alone. But it turned out great! At 42nd Street, I was strolling by and someone yelled -Hi Ninot! Turned out to be my Nigerian friend from Uni!

    Dear Ellie
    Thanks and I love having you here!

    Dear Sylviamorice
    To tell you the truth, I knew someone was going to say that. Eddie was the perfect gentleman ...

    Dear Bill,
    Yup, I met my "Macho Man," after a night at the "Y.M.C.A" in New York City, then I should have "Go West" to "San Francisco" but I had no money. I too "Can't Stop the Music" of Village People!

    Thanks everyone for dropping by!

  9. Oh wow, what a story with a story - I loved reading this, and the 'about' after. I wonder whatever happened to Eddie?

  10. Dear Susan,

    So do I. But I love the fact that Eddie was there at that moment, that place and that need...and remains a mysterious memory!

    All I remember was that he was very tall and very cute, but I had no characters left to go into all that!

  11. You packed so much into your story. i can imagine all kinds of things going on.

  12. Yes, Nessa - it was that once in a lifetime kind of holiday on your own that everyone should try at least once in their life...

    Thanks for dropping by.

  13. Did you ever call him?
    Great piece.

  14. Dear Gerardine,

    No, I never did. Thanks for the visit! A couple of days ago, I was at yours but had problems leaving you a message...

    Hope you got it!

  15. Ahhhh! The shining knight in the lift! A modern rescue of a maiden in distress! Great little story!

  16. Thanks Gemma,
    Glad you liked it! Have a great week ahead.

  17. And for some reason this reminded me of a Billy Joel song...interesting read!

  18. Dear Hope,
    Was I Christie Brinkly in the video?


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